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On the development trend of steel drum packaging industry (Part I)

entering the 21st century, China's steel drum packaging industry is full of development opportunities and challenges. Because in the past ten years, although the steel drum packaging industry has made great progress, there is still a certain gap compared with the developed countries in the world. These gaps are not only reflected in the progressiveness of product structure, technical level, process level and quality level, but also in the development of the industry, the enhancement of environmental protection awareness and the adaptability of enterprise structure. In view of these gaps in China and the development needs of market competition at home and abroad, the development goals for the 21st century are quite clear. Therefore, we should not only be in line with international standards in product structure and technology, but also in line with international standards in industry development and enterprise structure. Only in this way, can we adapt to the market needs after China's entry into the WTO and make achievements in realizing the green packaging strategy from import to our own production. This is the development trend of the new international situation and the only way for the development of steel drum packaging industry in the future

development trend of steel barrel product structure

trend 1: steel barrel products are breaking the product structure of national standard steel barrels, showing changes in various structural forms. Develop towards the international standardization direction of easier stacking and space saving, and increase its aesthetic degree at the same time

from the development of developed countries, economy will be a major trend of steel drum packaging, while cylindrical packaging is not perfect in terms of economy. It has been estimated that compared with square shaped steel drums, cylindrical steel drums accounting for the same space of transport pallets have a smaller volume by about a quarter, that is, less than a quarter of the contents. For steel drums mainly used for filling and transportation, square barrels are much more economical than round barrels, not to mention that rectangular barrels are easier to achieve the characteristics of beauty and elegance. In recent years, a large number of popular 4-liter rectangular barrels are examples. Conical open barrel, reduced diameter barrel and special steel barrel for container will become the mainstream of development in recent years, which is the process product of the transition from the structural type of steel barrel to international standardization. Recently, the 200 liter conical open barrel, which has developed rapidly in Xinjiang and other regions of China, is a steel barrel with European standards, which is mainly used for the export packaging of ketchup, jam and other products. This barrel has the characteristics of low empty barrel transportation cost, convenient use, high recycling rate, reasonable export transportation space and so on, and is welcomed by users

recently, the international organization for Standardization (ISO) issued the first international standard for steel drums, which indicates that the development of steel drums must be in line with international standards. There has been no breakthrough development in the national standard of steel drums for many years, which limits the pace of development of China's steel drum packaging industry, so it is bound to be eliminated. Whether in terms of the progressiveness of technology or the rationality of structure, international standards are unmatched by national standards. The steel barrel with national standard size is often criticized and limited for wasting space in international container transportation, while the ISO international standard steel barrel size is the best, because it makes the best use of the space of the standard container, so it is the most reasonable, and is welcomed and promoted all over the world. Therefore, whoever is the first to adopt international standards will be the first to get the key to the international gate, and the old national standard steel barrel will be difficult to move

trend 2: the type of steel barrel mouth will show a diversified development trend, and develop in a safer and more convenient direction. The goal of environmental protection will be the mainstream of its development

our original steel barrel, the mouth shape is mainly closed steel barrel, which has not changed much over the years. In practical application, there are also full opening, medium opening, small opening, etc; According to the type of sealer, there are screw type, hoop type, three melon fixed type, roll sealed type, etc. Judging from the international economic development situation, China is still not divorced from the old model. With the development of economy, fake and shoddy goods are also increasing, followed by increasingly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting technology. Therefore, manufacturers who use packaged steel drums hope to have a more convenient and safe steel drum. Therefore, the development of mouth shape will become a big change. At present, there have been many patented technologies for the door cover that can be applied to the anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft of steel barrels in the world, which are not only convenient to open, but also relatively mature. At present, it has not been adopted in China, but in some high-end cask packaging to varying degrees

due to environmental protection, the emptying capacity of steel drums will become the main development requirement of steel drums in the future. The new design of the international standard steel barrel is undoubtedly a representative of this trend. Because the barrel top is designed to protrude outwards and the reasonable barrel mouth structure, the contents in the barrel can be discharged to the greatest extent without leaving residues; The barrel bottom is designed into an inward protruding structure, which can make the steel barrel bear a certain internal pressure and not easy to leak. Whether in terms of saving content or avoiding re pollution, international standard steel drums are optimized, so such a barrel mouth type will undoubtedly be the main development direction of steel drums

trend 3: the capacity of steel drums will develop towards the two poles of size, meeting the two major needs of the market for sales packaging and transportation packaging. The miniaturization of steel barrel capacity makes it more convenient for users to use; The large-scale capacity of steel drums makes the transportation and recovery costs lower

due to the incomparable advantages of steel drum packaging, it is more and more favored by people. Its strong metal texture, solid structure and reusable features, as well as easy to achieve 11. In the low magnification, medium magnification and high-grade packaging when using oil lens, people give it greater hope. So people hope it is smaller and avoids the trouble of subpackaging. For example, four liter rectangular barrels and 20 liter convenience barrels, which have become more and more popular in recent years, provide more and more convenience for people. In the future, this development trend will be clearer, and there will be more kinds due to different uses

because the price of steel drums is slightly higher than that of other conventional packaging. In order to reduce the cost of packaging and transportation and facilitate recycling for multiple uses, large steel drums, such as 500 liter and 1000 liter drums, have recently appeared internationally. Because these barrels are often operated by forklifts during loading and unloading, the degree of packaging damage is much smaller than that of conventional steel barrels, and the value of recycling is higher. Compared with the goods with the same capacity, the packaging cost is lower. This large-scale packaging will also occupy a place in the future development

trend 4: after the adjustment of Jinan experimental machine, the thin steel barrel not only saves raw materials, but also greatly reduces the weight of packaging

in recent years, with the deepening of China's opening-up policy, more goods are exported overseas, and steel drums as packaging materials have also traveled across the sea with goods, realizing their own value more effectively. However, for the packaging of export goods, we often do not need to consider the problem of reuse, and the idea of one-time input has gradually been accepted by people. Therefore, thin steel drums and ultra-thin steel drums have emerged in the world. As long as the goods can be safely delivered to the destination, the packaging mission of steel drums will be completed, which is the need of value engineering economics. In China, except for a few packaging barrels such as calcium carbide barrels for export, which have adopted 0.8mm steel plates, other steel barrels have not been thinned. At present, in the production of 200 liter conical barrels exported, 0.6~0.8mm steel plates have been applied, and the thickness of disposable asphalt barrels will also be 0.6~0.8mm, which greatly saves the packaging cost. The thin steel barrel not only saves raw materials, reduces costs, but also greatly reduces the weight

trend 5: with the development of thin steel barrel, its sealing structure will also have a big breakthrough

the thinness of steel drums has brought worries to China's steel drum industry and users, mainly about whether the sealing structure and strength can meet the requirements, which is a new topic. In recent years, we have reduced the thickness of the steel barrel from 1.5 mm to 1.2 mm, and then 1.2 mm to 1.0 mm. The crimping sealing structure has also developed from five layer rectangular crimping to seven layer circular arc crimping, realizing the ideal of better sealing effect and strength. If we follow the development trend of thin steel barrel, can the seven layer crimping meet the same requirements? Some people have done experiments, and the results are not very satisfactory. Therefore, at present, most of the steel barrels used for thinning are content goods that do not have strict requirements on sealing. So, what kind of structure will we adopt? Is it increased to the eighth floor or the tenth floor? Or change the assembly method and sealing form? Or improve the performance of raw steel plate? At present, we are still exploring. In foreign countries, laser welded steel drums have replaced the traditional crimping joints to achieve high strength and high sealing performance. Foreign countries can implement

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