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Talking about the development status and trend of ceramic inkjet printers

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core tip: inkjet technology and inkjet ceramic tile products are only one of the technologies and products produced by enterprises, which cannot be relied on too much, and cannot occupy the original ceramic tile market with inkjet ceramic tile products in channel promotion

[China Packaging News] inkjet technology and inkjet ceramic tile products are only one of the technologies and products produced by enterprises, which should not be relied on too much. In terms of channel promotion, inkjet ceramic tile products should not occupy the original ceramic tile market

the working principle of ink-jet printing technology is similar to that of ink-jet printer, which can print any pattern by inputting it. It can be said that the emergence of inkjet printing technology will transform the production of ceramic tiles from copiers to printers. And the colors and patterns of ceramic tiles have been omnipotent since then

in the ceramic industry, inkjet printing products are considered to be one of the most influential products. Some people even believe that the ceramic industry is entering the era of inkjet printing, and inkjet printing technology is not new, but the real introduction to China began with Smick ceramics and Nobel tiles in East China. In 2010, Foshan, as the main production area of the ceramic industry, also began to introduce ink-jet printing technology. More than 10 enterprises including gold medal Asia, new Pearl Group and jinyitao ceramic tiles have successively introduced ink-jet printing technology and launched ink-jet printing products

ceramic tile development path under inkjet printing technology

nowadays, the number of inkjet printers in domestic enterprises has been nearly 2000, and inkjet products on the market are blooming everywhere. Inkjet technology makes ceramic tile products more expressive and favored by many enterprises. At the same time, it inevitably causes troubles for many enterprises. How to make good use of this technology has become a problem that must be solved

obvious advantages

inkjet technology is a contact free, pressure free, plate free printing technology, which can be printed by inputting the information stored in the electronic computer into the inkjet printer. In principle, ceramic tile inkjet equipment and paper inkjet printing equipment are the same. Traditional silk printing technology uses the dot density and glaze penetration of the plate to control the clarity and color depth of the printed pattern. The higher the plate density, the finer the printing and the clearer the pattern. Roller printing is still not divorced from this principle, but roller engraving technology can make points more dense, the range of glaze penetration control is larger, and the printed tiles are clearer and more delicate than the plate. Inkjet technology completely jumps out of this principle and uses the glaze application method of overhead inkjet to print the color glaze according to the color ratio input by the computer. The colors on the surface of ceramic tiles are composed of extremely dense color dots, and there are no lines and blanks. Not only can dozens of colors be achieved, but also the sharpness is unmatched by traditional technology

before the emergence of ink-jet printing technology, silk printing and roller printing were generally used for ceramic tile designs and colors. Compared with the previous silk printing and roller printing, ceramic ink-jet printing has unparalleled technical advantages and economic benefits. The advantage of inkjet printing is mainly reflected in the random effect, which makes any pattern possible. As long as a flat-panel pattern is designed, it can be printed by inputting it into the computer. Businesses are worried about facing bad reviews. Countless bricks can be printed into different patterns, and put together into a total pattern. Roller printing is limited. Ten pieces and eight pieces are different, but after more, the pattern is still the same

in addition, the silk printing technology is a kind of plane printing, which can not realize the concave convex surface printing of ceramic tiles, so it is difficult to make the ceramic tile surface achieve the multi-dimensional and three-dimensional effect of the surface. Compared with silk printing, the breakthrough of roller printing is that it can realize concave and convex printing, so that the surface layers of bricks are richer and the simulation degree of nature is higher. The third generation inkjet technology breaks through the limitations of traditional printing technology and can print the first two 2 It can set the effect that the puncture persistence time and speed cannot be printed

inkjet printing technology also makes a higher treatment on the surface of ceramic tiles. The biggest difference is that the traditional wire and roller are in contact, which need to contact the brick, but inkjet printing does not need contact. First of all, inkjet printing technology can make the pattern effect more realistic and three-dimensional, which previous printing technology cannot do

the products produced by inkjet technology can be called the third industrial revolution of ceramic printing technology. This product has a completely different technology from the previous silk printing technology and roller printing technology. Its advantage is that it can print the products that the previous two products cannot print, that is to say, it breaks through the limitations of traditional products. The most important advantage is that it is air pick printing, not limited to the surface, No matter whether the surface of the product ceramic tile is concave and convex, flat, or like sand, there is no situation. When sprayed in the air, the expressiveness breaks through the surface material of the product itself. This is the first advantage

the second advantage is that the performance of traditional printing technology on color is limited to its own roller and silk equipment. Generally speaking, it can only display four colors, and six colors can be used in special cases. In the ceramic industry in Foshan, China, four colors are generally in the majority. The advantage of inkjet technology is that it can express dozens of colors on the same tile without any restrictions. There is even a gradual change of color, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. It can express incisively and vividly on the same tile, which cannot be realized in traditional printing technology

for most vehicle enterprises, the third advantage lies in product expressiveness. The principle of inkjet technology is 360dpi high resolution, which is equivalent to 12million pixels of digital camera, while traditional printing technology is equivalent to 3million pixels, which is high-definition technology

the fourth advantage is the reproducibility of the product. It can reproduce more than 95% of the colors and scenery of nature, just like printing it in ink-jet, which is equivalent to restoring it immediately after taking a picture. It cannot be achieved in traditional printing technology

there are other advantages in production. Due to the use of spraying technology, it consumes less oil and pigment, which is also in line with the national concept of energy conservation and environmental protection

inkjet technology and personalized customization

general consumers' requirements for personalized customized products are all changes made according to the product information provided by the enterprise. For example, customers put forward customized requirements such as changing specifications and colors according to the finished products of ceramic products. These requirements are also within the production capacity of the enterprise. With the application of inkjet technology, Consumers' requirements for personalized customized products have been met more and more. In the era of ink-jet printing, the market of various products is mature, and customers may find similar designs in the market, which saves the steps of enterprise research and development and produces ceramic tile products that meet customers' needs faster. In addition, enterprises can get design inspiration from customers' customized products, enrich their product categories, and promote customers' customized products to other customers

inkjet printing will meet the personalized needs of consumers. For example, some people like Van Gogh's sunflowers. Traditional technology can't solve it, so it can be solved through inkjet printing technology. Therefore, inkjet printing technology can meet the personalized needs of consumers. For designers, if they know the needs of consumers, they can tell manufacturers to customize them separately. Inkjet printing can meet the personalized needs of consumers, so as to realize customized production. Personalization does not require large quantities, but only meets the needs of personalization and high-end. For example, TV walls and screens need personalized products

previously, the requirements of customers could not be achieved. With inkjet printing technology, it can be achieved. It provides designers with new design elements. It provides designers with a large space and expansion space. Previously, ceramics could not be used, so they can be used with other materials. Now, with inkjet printing technology, ceramics can be used

the inkjet equipment is controlled by computer, which can accurately control the amount of glaze for each tile, greatly reducing the waste of raw materials and reducing the cost. Inkjet technology gets rid of the limitation of single batch production scheduling of traditional silk and roller printing, and realizes small batch and personalized production. It can meet the requirements of personalization in a very short time, and is more suitable for the development trend of ceramic tile fashion, personalization, artistry, small batch, multi color, high simulation, low-carbon and environmental protection

inkjet tiles are the general trend of the industry and have also attracted the attention of many personalized consumers. However, insiders believe that inkjet tiles still have a long way to go to realize personalized customization

in the current situation of serious homogenization of ceramic products and insufficient personalized products, inkjet tiles can be said to bring a fresh flavor to the stereotyped products. With the gradual maturity of domestic inkjet equipment and ink glaze, the cost of inkjet products will decline, and the inkjet market will usher in its own spring, but the personalized production of inkjet tiles has not been popularized at present

although a significant advantage of inkjet products is their strong personalization, the personalization of inkjet products is not necessarily reflected after the products are released from the kiln. Enterprises should also do a good job in supporting products, and businesses should do a good job in the display of terminal market power with a resolution of nearly 100000 parts. Only on the basis of new product development, continuous upgrading of terminal display and continuous strengthening of marketing ability can breakthroughs be achieved

core competitiveness

at present, in the ceramic market, inkjet technology has not yet become one of the core competitiveness of enterprise market competition. On the one hand, inkjet tile products are gradually selling well in the market; On the other hand, dealers' profits from selling inkjet products are also shrinking. According to the analysis of insiders, the large-scale promotion of inkjet products in the terminal market is mainly due to the continuous decline of production costs and ex factory prices of inkjet products and the strengthening of manufacturers' market promotion of inkjet products; The decline of dealers' profits is mainly due to the rapid increase of businesses selling inkjet products and the intensification of market competition, which inevitably leads to a price war

on the one hand, the sales price of inkjet products of major brands in the industry remains high; On the other hand, the retail prices of inkjet products of many second - and third tier brands were threatened by low-priced products and were forced to reduce prices. Some insiders said frankly that the difference between brand enterprises in the production cost of products is not large, but because of the huge difference in industry popularity and market influence between brands, there are great differences in the market retail prices of similar products of different brands in the terminal market

at present, some enterprises attach too much importance to inkjet technology and inkjet tile products, which affects their originally set development layout. Inkjet technology and inkjet tile products are only one of the technologies and products produced by enterprises, which cannot be relied on too much. In terms of channel promotion, inkjet tile products cannot occupy the original tile market. Taking the designer channel as an example, ceramic tile products are the same elements as wallpapers and other decoration materials, which provide a basis for designers to select materials

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