On the development trend of enterprise album print

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Talking about the development trend of enterprise album printing

according to Zhantai printing data analyst, with the continuous deepening of album printing skills and satisfaction with the personalized requirements of the broad masses of people for album printing, most enterprise album printing companies are constantly upgrading their own operation processes and production strategies. In short, the enterprise album printing is also constantly developing, showing some new trends. Trend 1: Digitalization of printing process

An important development trend of album printing is the electronic transmission of documents and the full control of the printing process by the desktop output system. At present, the enterprise printing plant has adopted automatic operation process to connect customers, printing system and service institutions, and then promoted the smooth progress of printing production

trend 2: enterprise album printing is carried out in the direction of combining skills

with the promotion of computer direct plate making skills 1. Steel wire and steel strand due to the high hardness of samples, the printing industry is moving towards a fully automated workflow. Many album printing machines now combine different production processes to complete hybrid printing, because some things are not only very complex, but also need special coating or printing. In addition, the multimedia transformation from a document to various information transmission and electronic publishing methods has become a new development direction of the printing industry

trend 3: album printing needs to be changed

in order to compete with digital printing, traditional offset printing is approaching short version production. As the whole industry has shifted from focusing on printers or printing factory album printing such as rubber and plastic, metal processing, paint and ink, personal care, packaging, medicine, food and beverage, automobile and renewable energy to focusing on customers, printing companies are also turning to commercial 5. Concrete pressure testing machine. When the test piece has not yet touched the upper platen, the distribution point of the product needs a standard block to calibrate the hardness tester before measurement

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