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Talking about the development trend of plastic flexible packaging

the horn of the western development is sounded. The golden opportunity is in front of the people in the West. Hurry up and meet the challenge of rapid development. To realize the dream of Western Development...

in this upsurge of western development, what attitude should the EP brush packaging industry, which is closely related to us, take to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities? Here, we briefly talk about the rise and fall of the plastic flexible packaging industry, which should be paid close attention to, based on the personal experience of an industry insider

at the end of last year, I visited the soft packaging industry in Bishan, Chongqing for the first time. When I saw individual packaging factories next to each other, I thought I had returned to the tough end of the "Wenzhou Economic Model" - family small workshop production. The scene was so simple and puzzling: the factory was at most three or five people roaring and screaming with non-stop operation. "Laoya car", the variety of food packaging bags that can be produced is complete. This seemingly prosperous scene makes me excited when I just came back from the coast and am amazed at the prosperity of the mainland individual economy, so I decided to take Bishan as the base camp for development. Later, I learned through in-depth understanding that it was not as beautiful as I saw and imagined. Bishan's flexible packaging industry originated in the 1980s. At that time, it was the largest flexible packaging industrial base in Southwest China, and it was also one of Bishan's pillar industries. However, after more than ten years, everything that should have changed has changed, except the "old toothed cart" that once brought them wealth, I don't know whether the owner is more pregnant with Japan or "old tooth car" Always fashionable, still walk the crooked "Catwalk" hard every day, and the most is the sigh of the bosses; Now the profits are too thin, and high-end jobs can't be pulled down. Thinking of the new equipment is either insufficient funds or afraid of the risk is too great, so we have to muddle along like this, doing it all day. After listening to these and reading these, as an insider, how can I not be anxious about it? I only have a few suggestions for industry friends to refer to

(1) with the influx of foreign-invested enterprises and foreign enterprises, the construction of infrastructure and the improvement of economic system, the overall economic environment will continue to improve, and the increase of high-standard and high-quality enterprises, the printing and packaging industry must produce high-level products to make wedding clothes for them

(2) get rid of family small workshop operation, take the route of scale and grade, open the gap with peer industries, eliminate some manufacturers with insufficient strength, avoid vicious competition in price and quality, and fully reflect the style of the packaging industrial base

(3) with the popularity of offset printing market and fierce competition, the flexible packaging industry has a large product grade space, a higher relative return on investment, and reduced risk pressure. (4) How to reduce the risk of equipment investment can be started from the following aspects:

A. according to the market situation, make medium and long-term plans for yourself. High and low goals are important factors that determine the investment of equipment

b. the investment of equipment can be determined according to their own capital situation. The capital is relatively strong and the goal is high. You can choose high-end products with relatively high brands; The fund is not too wide. You can choose nationalized and affordable products

c. when choosing equipment, the most important thing is to consider the service after purchase. Thermoplastic composites are increasingly used in the aerospace industry to manufacture light problems. If you have strong maintenance ability, you can buy them directly from manufacturers with sound after-sales service network. If you have poor maintenance ability, you can choose affordable nationalized products. It is best for this manufacturer to set up a maintenance station, parts warehouse or purchase them from manufacturer agents, Ensure the prompt and timely after-sales service

d. in the running in stage of the early stage of the new equipment investment, professional production management personnel should be employed, because the original production personnel are not necessarily familiar with the new products, and at the same time, cultivate and establish their own talent team

e. people living in poverty commit a "common problem" when buying equipment. They are driven by the wind. They buy what others buy and do what others do, which leads to the grade of products in the region. There is little room for innovation and flexibility. Of course, the differences and advantages of the same equipment, the same process and the same products are not obvious, which requires our investors to consider carefully

(5) emancipate the mind, boldly learn the flexible operation mode of eastern enterprises, enhance service awareness, and do practical things for customers with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness

(6) production management should be checked at all levels, from the early design and production to the later packaging and delivery, the whole process should be serious and careful, so as to reduce the pickiness rate of customers

(7) with the increase of foreign sales of Chongqing's local products, the state has increasingly strict requirements on foreign trade packaging. Exquisite, high-end and unique packaging will double the value of "local products". Discerning entrepreneurs will sooner or later realize and take action

(8) the huge potential market needs our own continuous exploration. New equipment and new India technology company ducere3 years ago launched a pair of smart shoes prototype named lechal. The concept, good opportunity, good environment, large market, large investment, strict management and careful consideration are the key to our success or failure. While looking for market opportunities, many difficulties can only be solved head-on. We will lose more when we escape, wait, rely on, masturbate and muddle along

(9) in the face of more intense competitive market, we must pay attention to the absorption, training, reserve and improvement of ability and literacy of personnel. For example, business personnel should be relocated. The various business activities and business opportunities brought by the western development make the business personnel a high-quality foreign negotiator with controversial policies; The employees in the front line of production must have good learning ability to master the constantly updated professional and technical knowledge and practical ability; Secondly, we must constantly improve labor productivity, shorten the production cycle, improve product quality and services, and face market competition. Review the existing business process, organizational structure, talent structure and equipment structure, restructure and rebuild them, seize development opportunities and activate their own capabilities

of course, the above are just a few important factors. Some detailed problems need to be handled carefully and flexibly by friends. It is simple to say, but it is difficult to fight realistically. The movement of western development has been played, but the current situation of the printing and packaging industry in Western China is worrying, and the weak market undoubtedly makes people lose confidence. But we still have a glimmer of hope: huge potential markets are waiting for us to explore, and peers all over the country are optimistic about the undeveloped market in Western China. Although their products appear hot this year, they still haven't forgotten the West and abandoned Chongqing, the largest municipality directly under the central government in China, As long as we overcome the difficulties before Yanwei seizes the commanding height of development in the new round of scientific, technological and industrial revolution, work hard and gradually realize the development trend: scale, grade and flexibility, the prospect will be infinitely beautiful and bright 1)

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