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Kony again received orders for two heavy forklifts from Shanggang group

Kony again received orders for two heavy forklifts from Shanggang group

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recently, Kony again received orders for two 16 ton heavy forklifts from Shanghai International Port Group (Shanggang group), the world's largest port. The two heavy forklifts ordered this time will serve the Luojing wharf of Shanggang group in Baoshan District, Shanghai. Plus the previous 4 Kony heavy forklifts, there will be 6 Kony heavy forklifts serving Luojing wharf

Shanghai international port group ordered two additional Kony heavy forklifts

Luojing branch of Shanggang group is located in Luojing area, Baoshan District, Shanghai, at the intersection of Huangpu River and Yangtze River, with dense surrounding rivers and railway transportation connecting all parts of the country. The company is a modern professional Wharf in Shanghai port, mainly engaged in the loading and unloading of foreign trade import and export pieces and groceries, supplemented by international containers and warehousing logistics

with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, the company first inserted the probe into the maximum range in 2007. It was completed and put into operation in September, 2008 and officially put into operation in February, 2008. The annual design throughput capacity is 12million tons. The total length of the wharf berth is 2460 meters, and the water depth of the wharf apron is - 13.2 meters. It has 6 deep-water berths of 30000 to 50000 tons and 11 water transfer berths of 500 to 10000 tons, with a land area of 554900 square meters

the two forklifts ordered by Shanggang group this time are SMV 16 ton heavy forklifts. It is equipped with a solid box chassis. Compared with the traditional forklift chassis, it has twice the torsional stiffness, higher strength, lower stress and strain and higher lifting capacity. In addition, it is equipped with an efficient load sensing hydraulic system to adjust the lifting output power according to the load weight, so as to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and noise. The system has a longer maintenance cycle (hours) and less component wear, which helps to reduce the possible conditions of this kind of phenomenon: low life-cycle cost of forklifts. In addition, the intelligent electronic control system (EMC) equipped on the forklift can detect the key components and functions of the forklift, support programming settings, so as to meet your specific application needs, and get explosive big data, which can be connected to Kony's truconnect remote data monitoring and reporting system. CANbus technology also improves the reliability of engine and transmission

"in such a demanding port environment, Shanggang group still supports Kony products as always, and we are particularly pleased. At the same time, this is also the best proof that the manufacturing technology level and overall strength of our products have been further improved." Mr. Trevor Morris, Northeast Asia sales and service director of Kony heavy forklift business unit, mentioned

Kony is the world's leading lifting businesses, It serves a wide range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Kony company provides lifting solutions that can enhance production capacity, as well as maintenance services for all brands of lifting equipment and machine tools. In 2014, the group's sales amounted to € 2billion. The group has opened 600 branches in 48 countries with 11800 employees. Kony is listed on the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Helsinki

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