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Kony fully automatic garbage grab crane stationed in a project in Beijing

Kony fully automatic garbage grab crane stationed in a project in Beijing

engineering wear in China can be divided into tool tip wear, tool side wear, tool edge damage and edge wear mechanical information

Kony China feeds, cleans, and Two full-automatic garbage grab cranes (with a rated safety load of 17 tons and a grab volume of 11 cubic meters) are provided for mixing and moving materials to realize the optimal management of the pit, hopper, discharge door and garbage fuel. The project will be delivered at the end of 2014, and the whole plant can be put into operation early next year

Kony automatic garbage grab crane adopts anti sloshing device control system. It is not only safe and reliable in design, but also fully meets the needs of incineration plants with different throughput and scale. The carefully designed main components, such as lifting trolley, drive system, automatic control system, operating system and hydraulic grab, make the combustion process more accurate and greatly reduce the maintenance demand

power saving up to 30%

konylo energy feedback braking system eliminates the need for external braking resistors. The system reduces the downtime of the crane and is more suitable for a variety of power supply voltages. The most important thing is to deliver clean low harmonic power to the network, so as to save energy. The inversion of braking energy and regenerative electric energy returns the alternating current with the same frequency and phase as the electricity to the electricity, or provides energy for other operating mechanisms

features of Kony automatic garbage crane:

automatic handling process: feeding, handling, mixing, judging garbage status, recording garbage information, etc

high reliability: the working level of the crane is designed according to the A8 level of FEM, and the working level of each mechanism is designed according to the M8 level of FEM. The steel wire rope has a high safety factor, and the rope diameter ratio of the diameter of the steel wire rope to the diameter of the drum is larger, which extends the service life of the steel wire rope, the most easily worn component in the garbage crane. The main beam is designed according to the A8 level of FEM, which greatly enhances the service life of the crane

efficiency: the control of the mechanism is set with a higher speed and a smaller acceleration value, and cooperates with the advanced and mature PLC and electrical control system to shorten the garbage grabbing cycle time, facilitate the operation of the operator, and make the use of the equipment to achieve the highest efficiency. The hydraulic multi flap electric grab is more efficient than the four rope mechanical grab in the treatment of domestic waste. The greater squeeze force enables the crane to choose smaller and lighter grab on the premise of meeting the productivity

high safety: in addition to basic overload protection and limit protection, radar anti-collision devices are also set on the two cranes; Some special areas are also provided with anti-collision and limit safety protection, such as anti-collision interlocking protection with the operation room and the unloading door

high intelligence: the crane is also equipped with condition monitoring and fault analysis system, which can immediately find potential or developing problems and avoid dangers; It can analyze the information recorded by the monitoring system, predict the future needs, plan the maintenance work, arrange the corresponding schedule, and avoid the interruption of the workflow or unplanned downtime

good openness: the crane weighs and records the weight of each feeding, which can be stored in the factory computer, and the results can also be printed regularly or at any time, which can be completed by the operator himself for statistical analysis; The crane can report the detected fault to the factory computer; The operation interface is friendly. The operator can see the working condition and state monitoring of the crane at a glance, and can easily control the crane by clicking on the touch screen

Konecranes group (Konecranes) produced the first garbage grab crane in 1958. With the development of electronic technology, this series of fixtures have the characteristics of reasonable structure, fast clamping speed, reliable sealing and convenient disassembly, With the improvement of users' requirements for automatic control, Kony has developed semi-automatic and fully automatic garbage grab cranes. At the same time, according to the requirements of working system and working environment, it has made a lot of improvements in the design and manufacture of cranes, and has formed a complete set of standard series products. Up to now, Konecranes Crane Group Co., Ltd. has Jinan Shijin, a relatively large experimental machine factory in China, and has provided semi-automatic and fully automatic garbage grab cranes for nearly 100 garbage power plants around the world

the site of Beijing Nangong domestic waste incineration plant is located in Daxing District, Beijing, covering an area of about 8.21 hectares, with a construction scale of 1000t/d. After completion, the plant will make up for the missing links between transfer stations, composting plants and landfills in the domestic waste treatment process in the southern urban areas of Beijing (i.e. Chongwen District, Xuanwu District, Fengtai District and Daxing District). At the same time, it will greatly increase the existing waste treatment capacity of Nancheng, Beijing, and will become a national first-class demonstration project

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