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Konica Minolta will work with the 2018 World's latest digital printing technology and equipment to turn high 230000 Shanghai global corrugated box advertising, printing and packaging exhibition

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Konica Minolta will work with the 2018 World's latest digital printing technology and equipment to turn high 230000 Shanghai global corrugated box advertising, printing and packaging exhibition

[China Packaging News] Konica Minolta, a world-famous company, has gone through a brilliant 2017, and will forge ahead with more passion, strive for a promising 2018, and continue to be brilliant

in 2017, Konica Minolta insisted on "focusing on the digital workflow of customers", and by integrating products, technologies and services, gathering resources, it comprehensively built a "overall value operator" to solve all the problems of customers, and made every effort to create new values for users, partners and society

from May 9 to 13 last year, at the 9th China print 2017, Konica Minolta fully displayed the latest achievements in industrial digital printing and packaging, label printing, automated marketing and other fields. A series of excellent products and value-added solutions represented by accuriojet KM-1 and jetvarnish 3D Evo, which are newly launched from 3000 to 31.25 kg force, are well-known all over the world

Konica Minolta booth, with 16 exhibition areas and 13 equipment, offers the charm show of digital printing to the audience with full sincerity. Konica Minolta, with its innovative products and services, has attracted many digital printing users, as well as traditional printing enterprise customers who pay more attention to digital transformation. The scene has always been lively, crowded and in a mess

since the development of digital printing technology, the size, speed, quality and production capacity of printing and packaging have been continuously improved, and are gradually developing towards the field of industrialization. Konica Minolta, as the world's leading digital printing manufacturer, has been actively and pragmatically promoting the implementation of industrialized and intelligent digital printing and packaging technology in China, and promoting China's printing and packaging industry to enter a new era of high-quality development

more and more printing enterprises have a premonition of the opportunity for the development of digital printing, and have invested heavily in the introduction of Konica Minolta digital printing machine on China print

many heads of printing enterprises said that digitalization is an important direction to cultivate new drivers of development and guide the new trend of intelligent development, which has injected new vitality into the sustainable development of the printing industry. Digital printing technology realizes the digitalization of the whole printing process and liberates both hands. Konica Minolta is comparable to offset printing in terms of printing and packaging size, speed, quality and so on. At the same time, it can also reduce the production cost, so that the enterprise has a better advantage in the price competition of the same industry, which can be described as a win-win for the enterprise. This mode is also in line with the new trend of the development of the printing and packaging industry in the future

Konica Minolta equipment

from May 9 to 13, 2017, Konica Minolta aucciojet KM-1 made a strong debut in China's printing market and made its debut in the new pavilion of China International Exhibition Center

on 2017 China print, jetvarnish 3D evolution, the world's first b1+ format local digital UV inkjet polishing and bronzing system, was unveiled

on July 3, Konica Minolta launched a new digital printing brand "accurio" in the Chinese market. At the same time, accurio press c2070/c2060 and accurioprint c2060l, three new color production digital printing systems under accurio brand, were grandly unveiled

on September 14, accurio press c6100/c6085, another masterpiece under accurio, was proudly launched

Konica Minolta awards

in June 2017, the m for folding cartons and labels and running the company's real-time multitasking operating system GI jetvarnish 3D evolution 3D digital decoration process won the DuPont Packaging Innovation Award Diamond Award Finalist Award

in July 2017, Shanghai Tongkun digital printing company passed the G7 enterprise certification with Konica Minolta equipment, and the highest level - color space level

in July 2017, the UV ink used by Konica Minolta aucciojet KM-1 digital printing machine officially passed the authoritative certification of Shanghai Institute of quality supervision and inspection technology. This product does not contain any volatile organic compounds VOCs

in September 2017, accuriopress C6100 successfully won the bli Pro award

in November 2017, the cover of "bring your prints to life" magazine produced by MGI meteor8700xl+ digital printer and jetvarnish 3D won the 2017 gold ink Award for the best print of periodicals

2017, spring blossoms and autumn fruits, fruitful,

2017, spring and winter come, harvest wonderful,

2018, Konica Minolta will set sail again, forge ahead, more brilliant,

Konica Minolta creativity changes the world,

"Ke" strives for excellence, and "beauty" is on its way

I. Konica Minolta exclusively titled the "2017 top 100 list of China's paper packaging industry" activity

Konica Minolta company attaches great importance to the rapid development of China's paper packaging industry, and decided to exclusively titled the "2017 top 100 list of China's paper packaging industry award activity". In 201, the outstanding advantages of this material include excellent mechanical performance, high mobility, outstanding color stability Excellent chemical resistance on the evening of March 28, 2008, the award ceremony was held in Sofitel five-star hotel, Hongqiao, Shanghai. At that time, the top 100 enterprises in the Li year will be invited to participate in the exhibition. More than 700 industry leaders and entrepreneurs will gather together to participate in the event, and get together with Chinese paper packaging industry enterprises to exchange and seek common development. Konica Minolta fully supports the exhibition activities held by Huaning culture to promote the Chinese paper packaging industry to a higher quality, healthy and prosperous development. The organizing committee expressed heartfelt thanks to Konica Minolta for its great support to the public welfare activities of China's paper packaging industry

II. Konica Minolta will also fully participate in the 230000 square meter Shanghai global corrugated box printing and packaging exhibition and Shanghai International Canton printing exhibition held at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from March 28 to 31, which are jointly organized by Shanghai Huaning culture media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai new gray Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and gather 26 years of global industry resources

will compete with more than 2800 world-class exhibitors and more than 2000 world-class corrugated box printing and packaging equipment and material suppliers, such as watermark, digital printing, flexo printing, 3D printing, offset printing, silk screen printing, etc., to stage a completely Chinese independent brand, world-class corrugated box, digital printing, printing and packaging drama

in the No. 8 color box hall, Konica Minolta will set up Konica Minolta digital printing and packaging new technology equipment experience area to comprehensively demonstrate, give speeches, and introduce the practical application results and technical characteristics of Konica Minolta's first-class digital printing, packaging, labeling and other technical equipment, so as to provide Chinese and foreign users in the field of printing and packaging with an all-round warm-up and experience to welcome the arrival of the new era of digital packaging printing

at the same time, professional users at home and abroad will be invited to visit the Shanghai Exhibition Center of Konica Minolta's China headquarters to have an in-depth understanding and experience of Konica Minolta's more complete and future new technology, equipment and materials

from March 28 to 31, Konica Minolta will work with leading global digital printing enterprises to represent HP, EFI, durst, Epson, Agfa, Landa, swissqprint in Switzerland, massivit 3D printing in Israel, Dilli, Roland, Wuteng and domestic leaders. On some components that require rigidity, enterprises will represent Dongfang, Hubei Jingshan, jinhengfeng, Taiwei, Hanhua, runtianzhi More than 1000 world-class digital printing and packaging equipment such as Wande company, Yangwei, high turn over the Shanghai global corrugated box advertising, printing and packaging event, and display a full range of cutting-edge digital printing, packaging and label technology equipment

once every two years, based in Shanghai, not abroad, to see the world's advanced technology, equipment and materials, Chinese and foreign brands, shared by the world

welcome to Shanghai! Unlimited business opportunities

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