The hottest Kony group once again won STS subscrip

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Kony group once again won the STS order from the Georgia Port Authority

Kony group once again won the STS order from the Georgia Port Authority

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the Georgia Port Authority (GPA) ordered four shore cranes (STS) from Kony group again for Savannah port, Georgia. Kony obtained the order in December 2015 and will complete the delivery in the first half of 2018

the Kony STS crane ordered this time has a lifting capacity of 66 tons, an outer arm extension of 61 meters, and a lifting height of 46 meters before the shore 1 and plastic tensile machine are powered on. "Even if the new batch of cranes has not arrived, Savannah has more cranes on its nearly two mile long shore than any dock in North America." Curtis Foltz, executive director of the Georgia port authority, said

in 2015, Savannah port has maintained a high container handling volume, reaching 3.73 million TEU (20 foot standard container), an increase of 391356 TEU, or 11.7% compared with 2014

Mr. Foltz said, "the expansion was partly driven by increased demand in the southeast of the United States. Savannah's logistics advantages attracted new customers to Georgia, and goods began to shift from the west coast."

Savannah port now operates 116 sets of Kony wheel, about 10 kinds of wheeled container gantry cranes (RTGS) currently under development, of which 30 are in the delivery stage. At the same time, Savannah port also operates 22 Kony STS cranes, of which 4 were delivered in 2016, and after another 4 were delivered in 2018, the total number of STS cranes reached 30

The engineering design of STS crane is carried out in Finland, the key parts are from Europe, and the heavy structural parts are made in China

together with the deepening of the ongoing port of Savana, this crane procurement is expected to respond to the launch of the expanded Panama Canal this year. This will also provide an important route for large ships on the east coast of the United States, from the current average 4500teu to more than 10000TEU

"our relationship with Georgia port dates back to the 1990s, when we delivered the first STS crane to Savannah," said Tuomas saastamoinen, global sales and marketing director of Kony group port crane. "When delivering each container crane over the years, we have worked with the port of Georgia to continuously improve and adjust our technology to improve efficiency and reliability. The STS crane 411.9 ordered this time is the latest product after this process." Mr. saastamoinen concluded

Kony is the world's leading lifting businesses, It serves a wide range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Kony company provides lifting solutions that can enhance production capacity, as well as maintenance services for all brands of lifting equipment and machine tools. In 2014, the group's sales amounted to € 2billion. The group has opened 600 branches in 48 countries with 11800 employees. Kony is listed on the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Helsinki

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