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Konova EZ touch C84 inkjet printer came into being

after the launch of konova SX series large character and multi-function inkjet printer, konova Matthews has another marriage masterpiece - EZ touch C84 inkjet printer, which was recently unveiled in Beijing. The unique design of this model highlights the thinking and practice of inkjet cutting-edge technology close to humanized application design, and makes the boring work of human-computer interaction easier and interesting from more levels, Full of interest

the shape design is unique, emphasizing the humanized application

the silver gray charming stainless steel frame and shell design, while effectively protecting the machine itself, highlights the metal texture and design taste of its streamlined design, which is different from the vertical design of the traditional inkjet printer. Choose the horizontal design with better stability to make the overall appearance more in line with the operating characteristics of human engineering mechanics

its 25 degree tilt operation control area adopts the world's largest 10.4-inch inkjet printer color touch screen, which can complete information, storage, call, rewriting and various inkjet settings by gently touching the screen, easily realize human-computer interaction, break through the shortcomings of the traditional panel operation control method, such as aging and long waiting time, and cooperate with various command menus designed by the Windows CE operating system, It is more intuitive to meet the customers' rapid and simple control of the effective coordination between the working states of the inkjet printer

two closed black-and-white bottom color screw covers are reserved above the streamlined chassis, which are specially designed for the external supplementary consumables inlet of the ink path system. Open the screw cover of the black part or the white part to supplement the corresponding consumables at any time. This design is not only convenient for the rapid replenishment of ink and diluent, but also the built-in leak proof design takes into account the unnecessary losses caused by the leakage of ink drops or inadequate replenishment caused by human factors, Maximize the best function of each drop of consumables

the function of the soft start button on the lower left side of the chassis is similar to that of the reset key of the computer chassis. The C84 system can be restarted without shutting down. The well protected power start button next to it and the safe and stable built-in power supply ensure the stability of the application of inkjet printer in different electric field environments. Port, 25 pin and nine pin serial port design can meet the communication needs of customers with other computer devices at any time, facilitate the sharing, calling and management needs of customers for all kinds of information, and realize more convenience of human-computer interaction

the unique nozzle design is another highlight of C84. Its nozzle is only 62U, and all internal components are carefully selected through multiple tests such as shockproof and pressure proof. It is reliable, stable and durable. At the same time, it increases the internal integration design of the nozzle, with high sealing performance. It can be cleaned after 30 seconds of shutdown. The electronic universal tension test is divided into: measurement system, drive system, control system, computer software system and other programs, The protective magnet can automatically cut off the high voltage, prevent ink leakage or ink accumulation, improve work efficiency and reduce production energy consumption. Due to the precision and accuracy of the internal structure of the nozzle, there will be no serious problems such as the creep of plastic products greatly improved by the traditional spraying, and the displacement of ink line of the coding machine, so as to ensure the stability and durability of the printing quality. In addition, the length of the nozzle duct can also be 2m or 4m, which can meet the requirements of different enterprise production environments

reliability design of mechanical circuit part, in-depth analysis of product value

the design of mechanical circuit part is the key to whether a inkjet printer can operate safely and reliably. The designers of C84 pay special attention to this research, and let the inkjet printer experience again and again from the source design through a series of reliability experiments

in the reliability design of the circuit part, the traditional reliability technology mainly adopts methods such as aging experiment, which is exactly a screening method carried out in the later stage of the product, while C84 adopts the latest reliability design technology at present, which emphasizes ensuring the reliability of the product at the design stage, and a large number of domestic enterprises Enterprises and institutions such as scientific research institutes gradually began to enter the independent research and development of products in this field, including differential analysis technology, simplified design, low power consumption design, sensitivity design, protection circuit, fast oil drain gauge, equilibrium design, redundant derating design, reliability prediction and other reliability design and analysis technologies, and repeatedly demonstrated against different harsh environments such as high and low temperature, air pressure transformation, smoke, atmospheric composition and so on, The stability and reliability of the typical characteristics of various components are analyzed and identified, and the most perfect reliability scheme is applied to the whole circuit of C84 inkjet printer. Based on this reliability design feature, the C84 internal circuit is integrated by three circuit boards composed of several integrated circuit chips. Its compactness reduces the space area occupied by the circuit part, and makes effective use of the box space, thus helping to reduce the volume of the overall chassis. In addition, C84 also adopts multiple groups of DC-DC chip conversion circuits with low ripple and wide range, which can ensure the voltage to work stably for a long time, meet the needs of enterprises to work without stopping for a long time, and realize the real all-weather operation of inkjet printer. In order to adapt to the complex environment of CEC, C84 has strengthened the design of EMI two-stage low-pass filter circuit, with remarkable anti-interference ability, which can meet the special and complex power supply environment in various regions

c84 the reliability exploration of mechanical part mainly considers the reliability of structure and mechanism. On the basis of failure mode impact and hazard analysis, the strength distribution, stress distribution and various design parameters of each part are tested at random, so as to minimize the strength of inkjet printer itself and the wear, fracture, aging and corrosion caused by load, Through a series of fault prevention design, redundancy design, environmental resistance design, ergonomics design, robustness design, probability design, simulation method design and other countless times to implement operability demonstration design, the best scheme is adopted in the design scheme, material selection, surface treatment, coating protection and other aspects, so as to enhance the stable, safe and reliable operation of the overall parts of C84 model. The ink path system and the circuit system inside the C84 chassis are completely separated through the anti gas volatilization wall, which can play a good protective role in the stable operation of all components of the circuit, free from interference, and meet the needs of high-quality and high-speed production of enterprises. The design of the ink path system highlights the efficient and practical design principles, integrates a whole set of ink path applications such as ink supply, ink stop, cleaning, and opening, simplifies the unnecessary design in the ink path work link, and realizes the maximization of the ink path function

c84 the design of mechanical and circuit parts is simple and orderly, and the layout is reasonable. A number of design experiments and repeated practice on site make it perform well. The design of each part reflects the meticulous intentions of designers. For enterprise customers with dust-proof and waterproof production requirements, the design of C84 protection grade IP55 will meet the needs

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