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Kongart will show its new products at the 10th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition 2016. Kongart will show the latest com express computer module and single board computer based on the 6th generation intel core processor at booth 1a503 of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, The leading manufacturer of customized services for single board computers and EDMS kongart technology of Germany, the main highlight of the 10th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition in Beijing is com ex based on the 6th generation Intel Core skylake technology platform, which can ensure excellent performance in the rigorous use of automotive seals. Press computer modules and single boards have DDR4 memory, which can improve the data transmission speed by 30%, significantly increase broadband and save energy. In addition, products equipped with Intel Lingdong series will also be displayed, including computer modules with com express and qseven specifications, and boards with reverse flow of Pico itx and thin Mini itx rules. They have low power consumption and industrial temperature expansion support, and are suitable for all-weather embedded applications

the dynamically displayed com express type6 conga-tc170 computer module is equipped with the sixth generation Intel kui3/i5/i7 processor with ultra-low voltage system single chip (ULV SOC), which provides super computing and graphics processing performance. High speed i/o makes the system more flexible, with wide voltage. The functional features and performance options can meet the application of IOT. This first model provides 8.5~15 watts of configurable TDP, which simplifies the system heat dissipation design of matching applications, and the new micro system architecture also helps to save energy and support Intel REMAX acceleration technology for a long time

kongart's latest com express computer module conga-tr3, equipped with the latest AMD G-Series SOC (brown Falcon) and R-Series SOC (Marlin Falcon) processor platforms, is oriented to applications that need rich and diverse SOC graphics functions and high computing power. In addition, based on the module design of the same microarchitecture, customers can quickly and effectively expand the solution from the initial stage to high-end applications according to their terminal application needs, greatly saving system development costs

kongart also shows the qseven module with Intel certification and IOT support. Kongart IOT judges whether the valve reset sound is heard. The development kit can help customers quickly enable IOT applications. The qseven IOT development kit includes the kits required to quickly start the embedded IOT application, including the qseven module (conga-qa3) based on Intel Lingdong 3800 processor series, compact IOT carrier board, 7 LVDS single point touch screen with LED backlight function, a set of accessories and a USB flash disk containing wind river intelligent device platform XT

at the exhibition site, kongart will show the actual case applied to military electronic equipment for the first time, demonstrating how the module is applied to the system equipment of end users. Through the professional support of EDMS customization service, Konka provides German high-level and high-quality computer modules and single board computers to meet the needs of military vehicle mounted equipment, rail transit, industrial automation, medical devices and other fields

as in the past, kongart booth not only has enthusiastic professionals to explain the full range of kongart products for you, but also has exquisite gifts for visiting guests

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