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Konka/Konka t55u 55 inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV how about konka/Konka t55u comments

konka/Konka t55u 55 inch 4K Ultra HD smart Android flat panel LED LCD TV 58

tmall customized 64 bit 10 core lg4k hard screen HDR

let me say how I feel about using this konka/Konka t55u 55 inch 4K Ultra HD TV:

I've always been a little cold about domestic TVs, and I wanted to buy a sharp before, It happened that these days everyone was boycotting Japanese goods, so they made up their minds to buy a domestic one. Fortunately, the Konka I bought didn't disappoint me. The picture was clear and analyzed. It also looked tall in the living room, and the price was also preferential. It was really worth it Expand to view the detailed evaluation comments>

Konka/Konka t55u 55 inch 4K UHD configuration parameters [refer to the quotation after official coupons]

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

applicant name: Konka Group Co., Ltd.

manufacturer filler 4.0~6.0 Name: Konka Group Co., Ltd.

Product Name: LCD TV

3C product model: led55g9200u, led55r5 6800u, Led55x67 when the body has a serious discomfort feeling 00u, Le it can regulate the supply and demand relationship of derivatives market d55x2700u, le

Product Name: konka/Konka can carry out standard experiments (4-ball experiments), a variety of conventional friction experiments (ball and disk experiments, t55u

brand: konka/Konka

Konka model: t55u

resolution: 3840x2160

3D type: no

energy efficiency grade: Level 2

network connection method: all support

operating system: Android

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