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Kongart focuses on Shanghai, China, the world's largest medical economy. On May 13, 2021, kongart, the world's leading supplier of embedded and edge computing technology, will debut 13 composite production lines at the international medical device Expo (CMEF, Shanghai, may, booth No. 4.1p26) for the medical composite manufacturer in China for the first time. Kongart will continue to cultivate the medical market and help medical device manufacturers accelerate the development of innovative technologies. China is the largest medical economy in the world, and Konka is very honored to have the opportunity to participate in it. Nowadays, medical devices made in China have been exported to many regions in the world. Kongart will display the latest embedded computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for medical imaging and diagnosis, operating rooms, and mobile emergency and intensive care equipment at the booth

Ms. Becky Lin, sales director of kongat Asia Pacific, said: with the help of embedded computing, AI will accelerate the speed of medical imaging and big data analysis to improve patient health prediction and early disease detection. Digitalization of healthcare has great potential to fundamentally change patient care and significantly reduce healthcare costs. We provide application ready building blocks for developers of intelligent medical devices and healthcare solutions to enable them to implement intelligent solutions quickly and effectively, which will greatly improve users' travel experience

kongart will display the latest embedded computer technology and a complete artificial intelligence ecosystem at the medical device Expo (CMEF), covering a wide range of systems including machinery, hydraulics, electrical, computer software, etc. Product highlights include openvino implementation solutions based on Intel Core and Intel Lexus processors (code names tiger lake and Elkhart Lake), and NXP 8 combination with integrated neural processing unit (NPU). It is important for medical device engineers to understand different solutions to determine the best platform and ecosystem for their dedicated systems. Kongart's professional integration support can simplify and optimize the design of any platform according to the choice of customers

kongart's new high-performance computer module based on PICMG com-hpc standard provides another important strategic means for medical device engineers. This standard has huge bandwidth and connectivity that other computer module standards do not have, and is designed to promote the development of the next generation of connected medical computers and edge servers. Konka provides a complete solution platform for this new com-hpc standard -- from module heat dissipation solutions suitable for various performance levels to o-beam tensile strength σ B= pb/fo (MPA) em application ready carrier designed for customer specific needs

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