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Application of Taian V2 frequency converter in calender machinery

calender is one of the basic equipment in the production process of rubber and plastic industry, which belongs to heavy-duty high-precision complete equipment. Some people say that the calender is a "coarse to fine" equipment in the rubber and plastic industry. It is called "coarse", which means that the calender is a behemoth. In other words, it is called "fine", which means that the machine has very high tolerance requirements for the accuracy of processed products while being "coarse, large and strong". Rubber calender is mainly used for: pasting and rubbing of textile fabrics; The gluing of steel cord fabric, the lamination and calendering (embossing) of rubber, the scarfing of cord fabric with isolation glue and multi-layer film, etc. Plastic calenders are used for sheet forming, such as manufacturing soft, semi-rigid and hard film sheets, plates, artificial leather, wallpaper, flooring, etc

calender is mainly composed of roller, roller bearing, frame distance adjusting device, transmission system, lubrication system and shaft 1 Metal tensile testing machine: it is composed of high temperature adjusting device, safety device and control system for tensile strength of metal materials. For the calender with relatively high viscosity requirements, a set of devices to improve the calendering accuracy are added, such as the universal experimental machine, pressure experimental machine hole roller, roller bearing crossover device, preloading device and reverse bending device used by drill applicator 1

working principle of calender: when two adjacent rollers rotate relatively at the same speed or with speed ratio, the rubber with a certain temperature and plasticity will be pulled into the roll distance under the action of the friction force of the roll surface. As the cross section of the roll distance gradually becomes smaller, the rubber will be strongly squeezed and sheared to stretch and form, so as to complete the rubber coating of textile fabrics, steel cord fabric towel rubber, film calendering and forming, and the bonding of various films

the important differences between calenders are the number of rolls, the arrangement of rolls, and the length of the working part of the rolls. Calenders are mostly classified according to their uses, which can be divided into tablet calenders, glue pasting calenders, glue rubbing calenders, universal calenders, molding calenders, and experimental calenders

Taian V2 vector converter is used for the transmission of spindle in calendering machinery. In order to obtain larger torque and better control performance at low speed, V2 sensor vector control mode is selected. Therefore, the motor parameters should be self-learning before application. After the application of V2, the production efficiency is significantly improved by selecting different calendering speeds for different materials. Due to the use of vector control mode, the transmission accuracy of the spindle is improved, so that the calendering accuracy is improved.

V2 frequency converter belongs to high-performance, which makes all measurement and control systems more accurate. Frequency converter is a high-precision power electronic device, and its production line built in August 2015 has rich communication functions with MCU, The communication between PC and touch screen improves the degree of automation. (end)

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