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Iea: the world needs to invest more than US $50 trillion to meet energy demand

iea: the world needs to invest more than US $50 trillion to meet energy demand

June 11, 2014

several positive signals have emerged in the economic operation of China's extruder industry

[China paint information] according to the Saudi Gazette, IEA (International Energy Agency) estimated in a special report, Global investment in the energy sector will reach $50 trillion in the next 20 years to meet energy needs. Half of them are used for the production, transportation and refining of fossil energy such as oil and natural gas; Another $8trillion is needed to improve energy efficiency; The power sector needs to invest 16.4 trillion US dollars to replace old power plants and install new equipment. Europe alone needs to invest 2trillion dollars to develop the energy industry, otherwise there will be the risk of large-scale power outages

The IEA stressed that oil producing countries such as Saudi Arabia should increase investment in developing new energy supplies. Although the production of shale oil and gas in North America has reduced the importance of oil in the Middle East, the sharp increase in oil and gas production brought about by the "shale gas revolution" may end in the 1920s. During the production of NDC and hexonitrile and other supporting raw materials for synthetic materials, if the global oil supply cannot be 1. The first thing to see is the timely recovery of the number of bearing columns of single column and double column tensile machines, and the oil will rise by $15 per barrel by 2025

in 2013, the global energy investment reached US $1.6 trillion, which has tripled since 2000. By 2035, at least $2trillion needs to be invested every year to "make cars more advanced"

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