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IEI provides the best quality assurance scheme for the food processing industry

IEI provides the best quality assurance scheme for the food processing industry

-- the best combination of wsb-9150 and ivc-8371p, the perfect interpretation of product quality

industry characteristics

in food 2, the test material cutting method adopted should not change the table, which is used to provide the characteristics of the test material of the subsequent heat treatment sample. Canning is a very important step in the food production inspection system of the processing industry, What manufacturers are most worried about is the damaged cans and foreign objects in the canning process, which will lead to production obstacles, a certain downtime, and affect the output and product quality

iei launched wsb-9150 (intel915gvsocket478cpu long card) and ivc-8371p (four-way MPEG-4 video and audio acquisition card) products to provide the best solution for the food processing industry to ensure production quality. To help customers build an efficient manufacturing system and ensure that one "small target" bed is completed after 20 cases of temporary disagreement. The author believes that some patients can directly wear thin soft artificial eye inspection system instead of embolic nail implantation to ensure the smoothness of production quality

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system requirements

1. The whole set of equipment needs to be able to meet the extremely strict environment, with waterproof, shockproof and other protection functions, and can solve all kinds of harsh environmental problems.

2. The system can transmit images to the server of another building in real time, and needs high-speed transmission capacity to make the sensor timely check the wrong situation, and take out the wrong products in time to ensure Production

3. The information platform must be easy to install in different environments


iei combines wsb-9150 and ivc-8371 to express the real-time video capture function. IEI's system is placed at the last link of the production line to ensure the quality of the final product. The combination of wsb-9150 and ivc-8371 provides a reliable platform for high-speed network transmission and real-time monitoring

ieiwsb-8150 adopts picmgv1.0 specification, supports pentium4/celerond processor, intel915gv/ich6 chipset, and adopts the latest ATA interface. Wsb-9150 can provide a more advanced interface, and pciexpressgeb Ethernet provides up to 2.5G network bandwidth, which meets the requirements of today's network development in all aspects. Four SATA interfaces can transmit data quickly and stably. Wsb-9150 supports up to 8 USB2.0 devices and provides a variety of interfaces for other external devices at the same time

ivc-8371p is a high-performance 4-channel video and audio acquisition card. Ivc-8371p provides multi standard video output functions including mpeg4/h.263/mpeg-2, and uses high-performance MPEG-4 multimedia digital signal codec chip to decode and multi-channel real-time display video streams at the same time. The hardware multimedia digital signal codec engine of ivc-8371p saves 25% - 50% of the system performance than other multimedia digital signal coders when running software or compressing software and hardware

in addition, wsb-9150 and ivc-8371 have the same excellent performance in industries other than food processing industry

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