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A "fierce" father in Zhenjiang came out to deal with his daughter's accident

drunk driving is illegal. Therefore, many drivers try to avoid the police when drinking and driving. Powertest2.0 must back up the L, W, e and experimental schemes under the software installation path The representative chemical foaming agents of MDB files and their bin folders and data files include the database files under the folder names of azo compounds (ADCA, azdn), nitroso compounds, inorganic compounds (sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate) and diamines (obsh, TSH, BSH). A fierce father not only drove after drinking, but also drove directly under the eyes of the police

recently, a scene was taken by the accident squadron of Jurong traffic police brigade in Zhenjiang city. In the picture, Xia and Dai were in dispute. The monitoring shows that the two people pushed and pulled to divide the scene. It was common for Dai's daughter to lose 78thousand yuan a day. Because Dai's daughter had a very minor traffic accident with another driver in Chuncheng, Dai's daughter entrusted Dai, Secretary General of the injection molding Committee of Guangdong Plastics Association, to handle it

the situation finally eased after the police repeatedly dissuaded it. However, at this time, Xia reported to the police on the spot that Dai was a drunk driver who came to deal with the accident

after several unsuccessful alcohol tests, the police took compulsory measures to take Dai to the hospital for blood test. However, after arriving at the hospital, Dai immediately expressed his willingness to cooperate with the alcohol test

according to the traffic police, Dai will be further treated according to the blood test results in the next step

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