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Liaoji bangbangbangji opened its trial operation in Chengdu for two days, and then stopped it. Introduction: it is expected that after the business is mature, the fast food ordering business will increase the operating income of "Liaoji" in Chengdu by 50% on the original basis

Liaoji bangbangji mainly manages 4 The utility model has a firm clamp pliers, which can firmly clamp the shoelaces to the traditional mixed vegetables. However, it is found that Chengdu Liaoji chain catering Co., Ltd. has quietly opened fast food ordering in Chengdu recently. After only two days of ordering, Liao Ji suspended the business of ordering boxed lunch. What's the matter

is the price around 10 yuan competitive

before ordering meals, the "Liaoji kaifanle" poster was posted in the office building where the target consumer group - white-collar workers in Chengdu gathered. The price of Liaoji Bangbang chicken Bento is set at 10.8 yuan. It consists of 300g rice, main course, side dishes, green vegetables and pickles. The main course can be selected from a variety of meat mixed dishes such as Liaoji bangbangbangji bangbangbangji, lung slices and rabbit dice. The side dishes are shredded kelp or dried beans

in the opinion of lichen, the brand manager of "Liaoji", the above Bento prices are very competitive. Li Chen told that according to the previous research, the current fast food prices in Chengdu are about 8 yuan, and the high-end ones are between 15 yuan and 25 yuan. Therefore, "Liaoji" set the mid-range price this time, hoping to take its traditional mixed vegetables as the main feature, and the market will have a good response

Li Chen revealed that the meal was ordered on May 18, and three stores located in the bustling business district, such as Babao Street store, were selected as the pilot. According to the initial plan, with the help of the experience of pilot operation, in the future, "Liaoji kaifanle" will be promoted in more than 120 stores in Chengdu, and will also be used as a selling point

the business idea has been "adjusted"

however, after the opening of meal ordering, "Liaoji" suspended the business of ordering boxed lunch

"it was expected that the sales volume of each store would be 500 boxes, but after opening, the sales volume of a single store reached 1500 boxes or more..." Li Chen told the requirements. The two-day trial operation made "Liaoji" reconsider the operation of "Liaoji kaifanle", such as the production of fast food, the receipt and statistics of orders, and the distribution of fast food

according to Li Chen, "Liaoji" will upgrade "Liaoji kaifanle" in two months. The total investment is expected to be more than 8million yuan. Among them, new production equipment and workers will be added to the company's central kitchen in Wenjiang, and 600 more employees will be recruited for the ordering call center and distribution system

unlike before, in two months, "Liaoji kaifanle" will enter a high-speed development period mainly through the newly-built independent global high-speed railingnbsp; The plastic materials welcome the business opportunity delivery system, "from the kitchen, they are distributed to five distribution points in Chengdu, and then sent to consumers. We promise to deliver them within 30 minutes after ordering." At the same time, "Liaoji" company plans to directly sell fast food in 120 stores in the Third Ring Road of Chengdu in early September

enterprises in the industry will not follow up for the time being.

Li Chen told us that there is no delivery fee during the promotion period at present. However, after the meal ordering system is basically mature, that is, at the end of August and the beginning of September, the freight may be charged at 3-5 yuan per box. As for whether the additional delivery fee will cause a decline in sales, Li Chen said that "Liaoji" fast food also has a store channel, and consumers can also choose this channel to buy nearby

the competition in the fast food market is very fierce. At present, there are many types of fast food distribution in Chengdu. Several retail Cooked food enterprises were interviewed. They all said that they have no plans to launch fast food distribution business at present

Li Chen told us that according to their survey data, there are currently twoorthree million white-collar workers in Chengdu, which should be inspected regularly. Every year, a large number of graduates stay in Chengdu to work. Such a white-collar lunch market is very considerable. Now there are many participants in this market, but more than 70% of them are occupied by small restaurants with about 8 yuan. Li Chen said that it is expected that after the business matures, the fast food ordering business will increase the operating income of "Liaoji" in Chengdu by 50% on the original basis. Chengdu Business Daily

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