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The price of another package soared 10 times. The Changsha drug administration cleaned up the evil heart medicine. The ordinary kidney strengthening pills cost only a dozen yuan, and the product name changed and sold for 128 yuan. Changsha food and Drug Administration today conducted a comprehensive clean-up of the drugs and medical devices in some clinics and pharmacies in Yuqiao District, which carefully carved the relationship between us and our customers. It is reported that the special rectification will last for one month

the price of packaging soared

in the outpatient department of Jiefang Road, No. 222, Jiefang West Road, Changsha City, a box of jiusecret hall cervical spine waist and leg pain stickers produced by Jinqi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was marked with health food, The applicable range indicates the treatment of cervical spondylosis "'technology is equal to the world 'has always been the creed of Xinda, scapulohumeral periarthritis, etc.

according to the law enforcement officers, health food should not contain medical terms, otherwise it will be investigated and dealt with as fake drugs. A box of Aoba zhuangyaobushen pills was priced at 128 yuan, while the law enforcement officers said that ordinary zhuangyaobushen pills sold for only a dozen yuan in regular pharmacies, and the price of the word" Aoba "rose 10 times, which is a typical misleading and deceiving consumer.

placed at random Drug mildew in the warehouse on the second floor of the clinic, law enforcement officers also found that a traditional Chinese medicine called "Jiang Chong" had been mildewed. Law enforcement officials said: "according to the regulations, the grid layer for storing drugs should be no less than 10 cm, and should not be against the wall. It is definitely unqualified to place traditional Chinese medicine on the ground like this, which is very susceptible to moisture and mildew."

in addition, the Tibetan Bian Huichun Guifu Dihuang pill, Aodong Bushen pill, deer antler blood mountain snake gecko liquid and Binghuo 1 + 1 Suoyang Bushen capsule in the clinic all contain violations of exaggerated publicity. Law enforcement officials said that this kind of drug belongs to consignment products, and the purchase channel cannot be checked. Moreover, they focus on people aged 60-70 and use sensitive words to attract and mislead consumers

unlicensed business was banned on the spot

subsequently, law enforcement officers came to Weining drugstore near Furong South Road. This small drugstore with less than 20 square meters operates more than 100 kinds of drugs, but the drugstore has not applied for a drug business license, nor has it gone through industrial and commercial and tax registration. Law enforcement officers banned this unlicensed drugstore on the spot and confiscated all the drugs it operated

according to xiaorunhe, head of the inspection office of Changsha food and drug administration, Changsha food and Drug Administration will carry out a one month special law enforcement action, focusing on cleaning up the drug and medical device markets, and banning pharmacies operating without licenses, especially expired drugs and small family medicine boxes. If citizens find that the price of drugs is falsely high during purchase, they can report it to the local price department up to now. Any illegal advertisement with exaggerated propaganda may be reported to the industrial and commercial department

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