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In the decoration, most people decorate their house according to their favorite style, but many problems need to be paid attention to in the decoration process. If you make a mistake, the subsequent decoration steps will be disrupted, and the decoration effect will also appear deviation

first: arbitrarily dismantle and modify the load-bearing wall

wrong consequences: in order to change the space separation of the original room, some residents arbitrarily pierce holes in the load-bearing wall, dismantle the wall connecting the balcony doors and windows, and some even dismantle the load-bearing wall directly, making the ring beam become the load-bearing component of the house, seriously damaging the overall stiffness of the house. The consequences are cracking and deformation in light cases and structural collapse in heavy cases, affecting the safety of buildings

correct approach: the importance of load-bearing walls is well understood even by novices in decoration. Therefore, the behavior of random demolition and modification of load-bearing walls should be relatively few. However, in many cases, the bearing wall is removed by mistake because it is not distinguished between the bearing wall and the non bearing wall. Therefore, decorators should first understand how to accurately distinguish between load-bearing walls and non load-bearing walls

II: arbitrarily change the functional space

error consequence: arbitrarily change the functional space of the house, which is easy to cause safety accidents. For example, changing the kitchen into a bedroom is extremely dangerous, because once the gas leaks, the consequences are unimaginable. In addition, it is also not advisable to change the outer balcony into a kitchen or bedroom, because the bearing capacity of the outer balcony floor is generally not large, and changing into a kitchen or bedroom will increase the stress on the balcony floor, which is likely to cause the balcony floor to break and fall off

correct approach: the original functional space of the house can be changed only after rigorous feasibility review

III: excessive use of overweight decoration materials

wrong consequences: in home decoration, large-area laying of marble, building of internal walls with bricks and making ceilings with complex structures sometimes require a large amount of overweight materials, which may make the load-bearing of the house exceed the design standard, resulting in the inclination and subsidence of the building

correct practice: it is recommended not to use a large number of overweight decoration materials. For example, when raising the ground, avoid using reinforced concrete with solid structure; When laying granite and marble, the laying area should be controlled as much as possible; The wall separating the room should preferably adopt light steel keel or wood structure filled with sound and heat insulation materials; When making the ceiling, the structure should be simplified and light materials should be selected

IV: a large number of flammable decoration materials

wrong consequences: in the decoration, a large number of flammable and non fireproof decoration materials are used. Such as wood floor, wood skirt, wood ceiling, plastic products, wallpaper, wall cloth, carpet, etc. when these materials are involved in the fire, they will contribute to the spread and expansion of the fire, causing life safety and property losses

correct practice: aluminum plastic decorative board, aluminum alloy keel, gypsum products, natural stones, floor tiles and other beautiful and generous non combustible or non combustible decorative materials to ensure safety should be selected in decoration; In addition, even if flammable decoration materials are unavoidable, fire prevention treatment of materials should be done before use

V: despise waterproof engineering

error consequence: waterproof engineering is a very important home decoration project, which is generally handed over to bricklayers for construction. Before the formal laying of bricks, the walls and floors of bathroom and kitchen need to be waterproof. It is believed that the waterproof layer made by the developer has passed the acceptance, and there is no need to make waterproof at home decoration; The quality of waterproof materials used is poor; It is a common mistake to waterproof only some key areas. The waterproof project is not done well. Once it leaks, the furniture and walls will be mildewed, and the decoration will be damaged and the neighborhood will be alienated

correct practice: to avoid moisture and leakage, we should understand the misunderstanding of waterproof and control the quality supervision

VI: tiles have not been soaked in water

error consequence: when laying tiles, the fit between tiles and the wall surface should be greater than the gravity generated by itself. Because the ceramic tile itself has many small holes and strong water absorption capacity, the dry ceramic tile will absorb the moisture of the cement, reducing its fit, and it is easy to appear hollowing and falling off after paving

correct practice: in order to ensure that the tiles absorb enough water, it is best to soak them in advance, and then remove them after absorbing enough water. After the surface is dried, it is also necessary to soak them twice, and use them while fishing

VII: tiles are paved without gaps

error consequence: when paving tiles, many people hope to achieve the effect of small gaps. However, the thermal expansion and cold contraction of ceramic tiles require that joints must be left in the paving of ceramic tiles. If the gap is too small, the strain capacity of the tiles to the environment will become poor. Due to the change of temperature, the tiles will be crushed and the normal service life of the tiles will be reduced

correct practice: the tile paving needs to leave a gap. Generally speaking, the size of the gap should be about 1-1.5mm, not less than 1mm; Special effects can also widen the gap, such as 5mm

VIII: random mixing of wall and floor tiles

error consequence: in the process of bricklaying, it is easy to make a mistake that wall and floor tiles are randomly mixed. It is necessary to know that the physical and chemical properties of different tiles are different. For example, the water absorption of wall tiles and floor tiles are different. If the wall tiles are high and the floor tiles are low, the flexural strength of the two tiles is also different, and the performance requirements of tiles are different in different space parts

correct practice: during construction, it is best to operate according to the packaging box or the manufacturer's statement, and the performance of ceramic tiles should be considered. Generally speaking, floor tiles can be used as wall tiles, but ordinary glazed floor tiles cannot be used as wall tiles. Exterior wall tiles can be used as interior wall tiles, but interior wall tiles must not be used as exterior wall tiles





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