A brief comment on the domestic market of various

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On December 12, a brief comment on the market of various domestic light textile raw materials

today, PTA and MEG prices are at Section 2 Price reference: the upper vacuum gold plating is lowered, and the semi gloss includes floor glue, rubber on electronic components, key components on rubber products, etc; For example, the prices of brake tubes, brake cups, brake pads, seals, Dayou polyester chips and CDP chips all fell; Polyester bottle chip price adjustment. Polyester staple fiber prices fell, acrylic staple fiber 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The price of 102mm is stable; The price of CPL was steadily consolidated, and the price of nylon 6 chips was adjusted. The market trend of viscose staple fiber remained stable. The trading volume of Shengze Jiaxing polyester market has not changed much. The textile manufacturers have generally reduced the price of FDY, DTY and POY by yuan/ton. The quotations of other factories in Shengze are temporarily stable, but the actual transaction price of sliced semi gloss FDY has fallen. At present, the spinning manufacturers have great inventory pressure, so the polyester market will continue the weak downward trend in the short term not only to compete with domestic manufacturers. The whole cotton yarn market is stable in sales, but the prices of some varieties are slightly reduced. The volume and price of polyester viscose yarn and polyester cotton yarn change little; The price trend of pure polyester yarn and the prices of individual varieties are still declining, which is mainly affected by the lower price of polyester staple fiber in the upstream in the early stage. The market situation of rayon yarn has changed little, the price trend has barely remained stable, and the market sales of rayon yarn are very small. From the current situation, under the background of the price of viscose staple fiber remaining stable, the price of rayon yarn will continue to maintain the operation trend of finishing in the future

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