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The ecological environment is also a productive force

the CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued the opinions on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization, which clearly stated that by 2020, the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society in China should not only meet its own characteristics, but also be applicable to the environment. Significant progress has been made, the layout of main functional areas has been basically formed, and the quality and efficiency of economic development have been significantly improved, The mainstream values of ecological civilization have been implemented in the whole society, and the construction level of ecological civilization is compatible with the social goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way without any porosity, excess space, inclusions or other defects

however, the construction level of ecological civilization in China has lagged behind the economic and social development for a long time. Environmental pollution has directly affected the quality of economic growth in China and caused damage to the development of productivity. Therefore, it must be solved by scientific, green and harmonious development

serious lack of ecological dimension

as we all know, because of the shortage of capital, China has been using cheap production factors as chips to attract foreign investment for a long time, even at the expense of the environment. Although this way of exchanging market for capital has led to the influx of foreign enterprises and driven the rapid development of China's industrialization, at the same time, Chinese people suffer from the sharp reduction of cultivated land, air pollution and resource depletion

China's ecosystem is degraded, resource constraints are tightening, and a large number of backward, unreasonable, and non green production capacities that often have problems are struggling to support in a low-end and saturated state, which is not only a serious waste of social resources, but also a major obstacle to the transformation and upgrading of the national industrial structure. At the same time, the ecological dimension of China's social behavior is seriously lacking, and it is repeating the production and life style of mass production, mass consumption, mass abandonment, and growth first, pollution first, and treatment later, which used to be the Western consumerism. In the long run, China's productivity will gradually lose its core competitiveness in the global market

the construction of ecological civilization is the development of productive forces. Only by consolidating the cornerstone of ecological civilization and protecting the environment can we solve the problem of resource factors that play a key role in the sustainable development of productive forces and break the bottleneck of economic and social development with the driving force of circular economy. Moreover, the green production and lifestyle in all low-cost sales can force and boost the transformation and upgrading of the economy and industrial structure

correcting the shortcomings of industrial civilization

China's non green consumption mode is gradually becoming a chronic social disease, which in turn acts on production, making the abnormal production mode difficult to correct. Promoting the construction of ecological civilization requires the harmonious development of man, nature and society, involving fundamental changes in the mode of production and lifestyle. In fact, it is to put the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society in a prominent position in the development strategy of industrialization and modernization, and fundamentally abandon the traditional mode of mass consumption and mass abandonment in developed countries

however, the construction of ecological civilization is different from pollution control and ecological restoration in the traditional sense, but to correct the shortcomings of industrial civilization and explore a resource-saving and environment-friendly development path

at present, the unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable contradictions and problems in China's development are still prominent, especially focusing on the speed of development and ignoring the quality of development. The task of environmental protection is still arduous. More importantly, China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. Doing a good job in environmental protection is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood

therefore, we must place environmental protection in a more important strategic position, firmly establish the concept that protecting the ecological environment is protecting productivity, optimize the regional layout with environmental capacity, optimize the industrial structure with environmental management, optimize the growth mode with environmental costs, promote industrial upgrading with environmental standards, more consciously promote green development, circular development and low-carbon development, and build a development mode suitable for ecological civilization, Promote the green transformation of the mode of economic development

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