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"Ecological cooperation, industrial win-win", CorBit industrial UAV whole industry chain heavy release

on the evening of September 20, 2018, CorBit Airlines held a press conference on the whole industry chain of industrial UAV with the theme of "ecological cooperation, industrial win-win" in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, and for the first time released 27 products of CorBit whole industry chain, including core products, core components, mission system and flight platform, to global partners and users, Redefine the industrial UAV ecological chain standard, and put forward the industrial development and cooperation concept of open sharing and win-win industrial cooperation

this press conference gathered authoritative experts of ISO international standards, domestic and foreign industry customers, partners in the UAV industry chain, system integrators and developers, as well as domestic well-known capital, and joined hands with upstream and downstream strategic partners in the industry chain, such as bShark, actiondrone, India eye, Alibaba cloud, Zhihang UAV, tuogong, Kuxin micro, etc., to create the strongest industrial UAV ecosystem with open and win-win results; At the same time, CorBit also showed the industrial strength and technological innovation speed of made in China to the ISO international UAV system standard setting experts from the United States, Germany, Italy, Belgium, South Korea and other countries

at the meeting, Lu Zhihui, chairman of CorBit, put forward new opinions on the construction of a new ecosystem of industrial UAVs, and made a detailed introduction to the layout of CorBit's existing whole industrial chain. What data do we need? Generally speaking: "Since 2009, CorBit has been committed to integrating industry resources and building an industry UAV ecosystem. In the past decade, we have been doing several things - focusing on the research of independent core technology and grasping the lifeline of technological innovation; merging and integrating upstream and downstream key parts production enterprises and teams, opening up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, improving cost competitive advantage and customized production strength; setting up a global office and in-depth research on domestic and foreign customer banks Real demand of industrial application; Create a partner team culture, and issue free equity or options to nearly 100 employees, advance and retreat together with hardships. Relying on its unique industrial development concept, CorBit has achieved a miracle of continuous annual performance growth of more than 200% in the past four years, when the competition in the UAV industry was the most brutal. The team has also grown from a seven person scheme design team in 2014 to a full industry chain team with more than 500 people in 2018, integrating R & D, design, production, training, service and data value-added. "

Lu Zhihui pointed to a UAV and said: before 2014, 90% of the components of the complete UAV were not developed and produced by ourselves. In the past four years when most enterprises were doing brand building, we were low-key in the construction of the industrial chain. At present, 90% of the complete UAV is independently developed and produced by CorBit, and has become the world's largest OEM manufacturer in the field of industrial UAV. In the face of all kinds of speculation and doubts, I believe today is the most important day Good response. I can predict that in another four years, CorBit will reduce the proportion of core parts independently developed and produced to less than 20%, because the industrial explosion of industrial UAVs will be the beginning of in-depth industrial cooperation. This is the new ecosystem of professional, open, inclusive, symbiotic and win-win UAVs that we put forward today. "

CorBit's new UAV ecosystem in the industry - more comprehensive coverage

CorBit spent four years in preparation from products to the industrial chain, It not only realizes the transformation from "point" to "line", but also extends the "face" of R & D and innovation ".

at the level of industrial chain products, this press conference includes the launch of CorBit's series of products in flight platform, flight control system, mission load system, data link transmission system, power system in the domestic implementation stage, etc., covering all the core components of the industry-class UAV hardware. It is worth mentioning that CorBit will appear with 15 new upgraded mission load systems, which are" golden eye Biao "respectively Lens PTZ series, "timely rain" intelligent throwing series, "single Mars" searchlight series and "Thunderbolt" loudspeaker series once again show the whole industry the research and development and cooperation achievements of many years; At the same time, the participation and support of well-known strategic partners at home and abroad, authoritative experts of ISO international standards, and domestic and foreign UAV industry manufacturers have laid a comprehensive and solid foundation for the emerging UAV ecosystem in the CorBit industry from standard formulation, R & D and production to industrial chain cooperation

CorBit industry's new UAV ecosystem - better product performance

"I have no one, I have my best" has always been the purpose of CorBit's R & D team. At the moment of fierce competition for homogeneous products, CorBit relies not on luck, but on the most fundamental product performance advantages. After many tests, it has been recognized by the market and customers.

CorBit's new miniaturized UAV "small whirlwind", whose arm can be folded quickly, The paddle and tripod can be quickly disassembled, and can be controlled freely even if operated by a single person; The flight time has reached 51 minutes, times that of similar models; The gsm1p professional handheld ground station released this time can realize 10km control range and support dual data link transmission; At the same time, the positioning and tracking antenna can be configured at a long distance

narwhal II, a customized model jointly developed by CorBit and bShark, also appeared at this press conference. Narwhal ⅱ is the first small lightweight hydrogen fueled UAV developed by bShark and CorBit, with a wheelbase of only 1060MM and a fuselage weight of only 6.6kg; The flight time reaches 120 minutes, which is times that of the same type of lithium battery UAV; While the flight time is greatly improved, the operation range is also expanded to 30km, and the operation efficiency is greatly improved

for the MC "Yunlong" series UAV with the highest utilization rate in the market, CorBit has also made adjustments and optimization, with better endurance and strong load capacity, and adopts a modular design with a load of up to 10kg, providing a reliable high-performance flight platform for the application of the UAV industry

as one of the core components of UAV, UAV flight control system is also the key product released by CorBit this time. The new "Zhiduoxing" CorBit flight control system has a built-in damping structure and dual IMU redundancy to ensure the safety of aircraft; it supports IMU constant temperature heating and can adapt to worse environments; it supports MMC standardized series mounting, MMC RTK module, smart battery, millimeter wave radar; "black box" data recording system, with a maximum support of 32g.

at the same time, CorBit launched four product "walkers" at the meeting at one time The series of image transmission systems, namely "Walker C20", "Walker A5", "Walker A10" and "Walker ax", are equipped with uv731 image transmission receivers, with a transmission distance of up to 20km, which has greatly exceeded the industry level. The breakthrough of this technology marks that the performance of UAVs in industry applications is more powerful. " Walker "series also has 128 special encryption function, which makes data transmission more reliable; it is compatible with a variety of video formats, up to 1080p60hz; it supports customization at MHz frequency." The "Walker" integrated transceiver image transmission system supports customized services with a control distance of 3/5/10km; supports dual frequency bands of 2.4G and 5.8G; and has a low delay. The whole transceiver can be within 300ms.

in order to better realize the long-distance and complex operation requirements of industrial grade unmanned aerial vehicles, CorBit also launched two industrial grade ground station systems this time, namely GS "little overlord I" integrated control handheld ground station, "Shenji military Division I "Three defense ground station". All ground stations are pre installed with MGS ground station software. Among them, the "little overlord" series professional handheld ground station supports 5km 1080p video real-time transmission at the farthest, with a delay of no more than 1s, which is far more than similar products on the market; it adopts high-performance and high-capacity lithium battery, with a endurance of more than 5 hours; it is equipped with 7-inch 1920 × The 1200 resolution ultra clear screen can be divided into simple beam zigzag experiment and pure zigzag experiment. It supports 5-point touch, and the screen brightness is as high as 1200nit; The "Shenji military division" series three defense ground station is a double screen ground station with a 15 inch 1920 screen × 1080 resolution ultra clear screen, 12 inch 1280 lower screen × 800 resolution, support 10 point touch, and the screen brightness is up to 1500nit; Support HDMI split screen output and reserved USB port; Standard 4G and Wi Fi modules;  the transmission distance of image transmission and radio can be up to 10km (customizable)

CorBit has also made great efforts in battery, New "general Shi" "Smart battery and charging manager accessories, built-in accurate electric capacity statistics algorithm, and built-in self balancing protection, extend the service life of the battery; charging manager can charge four smart batteries unattended in turn, and provide them with overshoot, overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

COBIT industry's new UAV ecosystem - A more open way of cooperation

a single tree does not make a forest, a single string does not make a sound. COBIT is practicing an open and win-win cooperation model Announced the permanent opening of its quick disconnect interface agreement, and announced the launch of its "m stainless steel process performance and experimental methods are divided into the following: icomagicconnector" industrial chain cooperation platform, which aims to reduce the threshold for upstream and downstream enterprises and other friends to enter the UAV industry, and promote the better development of the UAV industry with an open and win-win mentality. The standard interface for rapid disassembly and assembly of COBIT UAV mission equipment can be quickly disassembled and assembled within 30s, which unifies the interface standard and realizes multiple uses of a platform. What is more worth mentioning is that CorBit also announced this time that it will give 1000 sets of standard quick disconnect equipment free of charge, and fully open the software interface, giving it to industry friends, partners and R & D enthusiasts. In this way, once the standard is adopted, both flight platform and mission load equipment manufacturers can realize the free collocation and combination of the whole industry, break through their own limitations, and expand the platform application market, It creates infinite possibilities for mounting research and development. The 15 task mounts of CorBit in this press conference adopt unified standard interfaces, and some of them are jointly developed with upstream partners in the industry

luzhihui stressed: "the real development is not the rise of a single company, but the healthy and long-term development of the whole industry. As an enterprise, only by moving forward with the help of the huge waves of the industry, can it go faster and farther. As our enterprise values say, let the sky be used by the world."

[: Liu Honghe]

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