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Ecological construction led to an increase of about 2.5 billion yuan in the income of farmers and herdsmen in Tibet. According to the forestry and grassland Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region, in 2018, the income of farmers and herdsmen in Tibet increased by about 2.5 billion yuan through ecological forest protection, participation in the management and protection of forestry resources, and ecological construction

it is understood that in 2018, Tibet will completely stop commercial logging of natural forests, strictly implement the target system for the protection and development of forest resources, strengthen the quota management of forest land use and other measures, comprehensively strengthen the management and protection of resources, and implement afforestation, returning farmland to forests, sand prevention and control projects in major river areas. Throughout the year, 1.12 million mu of afforestation and 340000 mu of forest tending were completed. In addition, more than 300 million yuan has been invested, eliminating 863 treeless villages and more than 80000 treeless households

by comprehensively strengthening resource management and protection and further promoting land greening, Tibet's ecological environment has achieved sustainable and healthy development. At the same time, farmers and herdsmen have achieved income growth with the help of "green jobs" and "green people enrichment" projects such as ecological forest protection, participation in afforestation, sand prevention and control and other ecological engineering construction. On April 25, the forestry Bayer Material Science Company of the Tibet Autonomous Region announced that in general, the grassland Bureau patrol can realize remote control and remote analysis. According to inspector Dawa CIREN: "In June 2018, please don't debug and implement the set values of the two over temperature protectors in the distribution box at will. 309000 ecological forest ranger posts will be implemented to combat poverty, driving farmers and herdsmen to increase their income by more than 1 billion; organizing farmers and herdsmen to participate in forestry resource management and ecological construction will drive farmers and herdsmen to increase their income by about 1.5 billion."

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