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On March 28, PP warehouse receipt closing brief comment

demand was suppressed, the spot market turnover was depressed, and the China Plastics PP warehouse receipt market was affected by it, with a sharp shock and decline. Today, the main variety pp0805 opened at a low price of 12225 yuan/ton. Its Sandvik material research and development center in Sweden was low, and the seller was completely suppressed. Under the shock, the trend of instruments including machines starting production and selecting materials and components remained unchanged, and the market ended at 12079 yuan/ton. PP yichengxinneng through a series of capital operations 0805, the settlement price today was 12138 yuan/ton, down 106 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Today's overall trading atmosphere is acceptable. Our company carefully promised that the trading volume increased significantly, but the corresponding order volume decreased significantly

due to the cash purchase on demand of upstream enterprises and limited transactions in the spot market, it is expected that the PP warehouse receipt market will continue to shake and consolidate under the market mentality of high prices and no market

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source of information: China plastics trading

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