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Ecoaf recycles plastic waste to make clothing

what else are the raw materials of clothing except cotton, wool, leather, acrylic fiber and so on? Plastic promotes people's concept of renewable materials garbage. Yes, you read it right! Ecoaf, a clothing company headquartered in Madrid, Spain, recycles plastic bottles, fish, tires and other waste materials to produce "new generation" clothing such as jackets, jackets, backpacks and so on, which is very popular in the market. Ecoaf signed a contract with 200 fishing boats to help collect garbage at sea free of charge. Javier goeneche, the boss of the company, told AFP: "it's all garbage in the eyes of others. In my opinion, it's all raw materials." In only two months, the company received two tons of plastic waste and two tons of other waste from the "1+x" project organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Waste plastics should be stopped for inspection after finishing; In case of failure during operation, it is necessary to check, boil, classify, tear into small pieces, and then decompose into fibers, which can be used to produce clothing. This year, ecoaf's "new generation" clothing made of recycled garbage successfully entered Harold in London, England, and Bloomingdale in New York, USA. This company with only 18 employees will have an annual output value of 48 million US dollars (about 30.72 million yuan) this year, relying on the existing industrial base

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