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Eaton Sustainable Development Forum continues to pay attention to new urbanization

Eaton Sustainable Development Forum continues to pay attention to new urbanization

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Beijing - the world's leading power management company Eaton today once again joined hands with WTO economic guide and Southern Power Integrated Energy Co., Ltd. to hold a forum on "energy challenges in sustainable urban construction" in Beijing, In depth communication with representatives from relevant fields discussed how to effectively improve energy efficiency through green innovation, and promote sustainable urban development through cross-border cooperation and business model innovation

according to the 13th five year plan, China's urbanization rate will reach 60% in 2020. Urbanization is not only facing the mechanical growth of energy demand brought by the growth of urban population, but also facing the huge expansion of energy consumption caused by the rising requirements of urban infrastructure and public utilities construction. In the newly released United Nations sustainable development goals, building sustainable cities is one of the 17 development goals

Zhou Tao, President of Eaton China, said: "China is facing enormous energy challenges and environmental pressure in the process of large-scale urbanization. In response to these problems, the government has put forward a strategic plan for innovation driven development. As an energy management company with sustainable development as the core, Eaton is committed to using our global technological advantages and local market experience to develop greener innovative solutions, improve energy efficiency, and continue to strengthen local innovation capabilities to accumulate We will work with our domestic partners to promote independent innovation and the innovative development of the entire industrial chain, and contribute to the sustainable development of China's cities. "

Eaton has been actively promoting green innovation, local innovation and collaborative innovation. For example, as a global leader in new energy commercial vehicle technology, Eaton introduced the first bus equipped with hybrid power system to China as early as 2007. At present, there are more than 10000 urban buses installed with Eaton hybrid system in China, with a mileage of more than 1billion kilometers. Compared with non hybrid vehicles, these bus vehicles can save fuel by up to or even more than 40%

Eaton has also made breakthroughs in the R & D and localization of pure electric drive systems. It is worth mentioning that this achievement comes from the local innovation team of Eaton China Research Institute. As one of the key R & D centers for Eaton to realize localization and innovation in China, Eaton China Research Institute has developed a pure electric drive system based on a 4-speed gearbox and an intelligent high-voltage power distribution box specially designed for the large bus passenger transport market, which greatly improves the operation and operation safety of pure electric buses and helps minimize operating costs. With this series of innovative achievements, Eaton China Research Institute won the "multinational enterprises in Shanghai" best innovation practice case award

at the same time, Eaton is actively committed to close cooperation with domestic industries to improve the innovation ability of the entire industrial chain, so as to promote the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market. Since the introduction of the first new energy bus into the Chinese market, Eaton has worked with domestic bus manufacturers, battery and motor manufacturers to overcome technical problems, jointly develop and apply hybrid bus systems, and promote the innovative development of China's local industries. Eaton is committed to playing a key role in the promotion of sustainable development of the industrial chain, cooperating with upstream and downstream partners in innovation, helping the supply chain reduce its environmental footprint and build a sustainable development ecosystem

in order to promote collaborative innovation among all sectors of society, Eaton has held an annual Urban Forum on energy innovation and sustainable development since 2011, leading and driving social innovation in the field of sustainable development, promoting cooperation between enterprises and various stakeholders, and jointly building an innovative road for China's low-carbon cities

Zhou Tao said, "we know that on the road of sustainable development, it is not enough to rely on a single enterprise with a total number of 360000 experiments. We hope to bring together the forces of various sectors of society to promote in-depth cooperation in the industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry. We are happy to receive positive responses from partners and all sectors of society to work together to create a more environmentally friendly, intelligent and beautiful city."

Eaton has been widely recognized at home and abroad in recent years by its efforts in promoting the successful development of a biodegradable polylactic acid material with green ring. This year, Eaton won the "Energy Star" annual Partner Award of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Shanghai green supply chain 2015 excellent case ecological design award and other related awards, which fully affirmed its outstanding contribution to promoting the green and sustainable development of the industry (source: Chinese household appliances)

Eaton is a leading power management company in the world, with sales of $20.9 billion in 2015. Eaton is committed to providing a variety of energy-efficient solutions to help customers manage electricity, fluid power and mechanical power more effectively, safely and sustainably. Eaton has about 97000 employees worldwide, and its products are sold to more than 175 countries and regions

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