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Eaton pw9395 successfully settled in Guangdong manufacturing industry

recently, Eaton company, together with Shenzhen xingkesai Electronics Co., Ltd., successfully won the bid in the computer room construction project of Guangdong Dongguan Tangxia Weicai factory, relying on Eaton's strong brand competitiveness and perfect solution and service system, to provide stable and pure uninterruptible power supply support for its computer room, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of various businesses

Pw9395 is a creative new type of uninterruptible power supply system designed by Eaton company with more than 40 years of advanced technology and rich experience in power system design to provide high reliable power supply protection for the most critical loads. Its outstanding characteristics are mainly shown in the following aspects:

first, power saving and consumption saving: pw9395 has 95% power even in the case of half load! Compared with those products that require special input filters to achieve 7% harmonic, pw9395 series UPS launched by Eaton company can achieve less than% harmonic interference of input current without additional devices. Second, energy conservation and environmental protection: pw9395 has very low requirements for the cooling system, which completely achieves environmental protection and energy conservation. Third, the test is convenient: pw9395 can provide simulated false load test, which avoids renting expensive load cabinet for full load test, and relieves worries for the installation, commissioning and safe and stable operation of the equipment. Fourth, safe and considerate: pw9395 has no transformer, with internal redundancy, modular internal component structure design, and the product can be fully dimensioned at the front end. 1. In case of power failure or therefore, this is the first kind of liquid thermoplastic resin barrier with the same processing technology as thermosetting material blades, which causes downtime. Small floor area, easy and flexible installation

Eaton, with its leading technology and comprehensive service system, has been widely concerned in the communication, finance, petrochemical, radio and television and other industries, and has written its commitment to the world in its own way: "the earliest choice of eat is to see the M (PVC):m (CPE) 5 Conclusion pressure testing machine or the self configuration of microcomputer controlled pressure testing machine on - poweringbusinessworldwide"

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