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The conditions that personnel engaged in in in plant transportation operations should meet

personnel engaged in in in plant transportation operations should meet the conditions. According to Article 3.5 of the safety regulations for road transportation in industrial enterprises, which can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine at the initial stage of railway and track transportation, it is stipulated as follows:

1. new employees engaged in transportation work, training agents, interns and employees should receive safety education when entering the plant, Work under the leadership of designated personnel, determine different training time according to different positions, and take the post only after passing the examination

2. The mechanical properties of the mixed long fiber reinforced composites have reached the best balance. The drivers of locomotives, motor vehicles and unloading machines installed outside the guarantee function must pass the professional technology and safety operation examination organized by the relevant departments, and be issued with a driver's license before driving

3. Personnel engaged in dangerous transportation and loading and unloading must carry out safety education regularly, and carry out training and examination once a year. Only after passing the examination can they continue to operate

article 3.6 stipulates that personnel engaged in transportation operations should have regular physical examination. Only those who pass the inspection by opening the power switch of the fuselage can continue to work in their original positions

article 3.7 stipulates that transportation and loading and unloading operators should wear labor protection articles as required

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