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Conditions for putting the tower crane into use (3)

IV. the installation scheme of the tower crane installation

the scheme includes the following main contents:

(1) introduce the project overview, such as: project name, location, project construction area, maximum height, maximum weight of components, surrounding buildings, road profile, etc

(2) specification and model of tower crane, manufacturer Main technical parameters (basic height, maximum height, boom length, lifting torque, maximum lifting weight, etc.)

(3) installation position of tower crane on the construction site (use schematic diagram to show and cooperate with the hoisting equipment required for installation. If there are conditions that hinder the safe use of tower cranes with the help of the machines stationed in our city by digital dream factory, such as high-rise buildings and structures that interfere with the rotation of tower crane jib and balance arm, and high-voltage power supply lines that are smaller than the stress distance of the main load-bearing axis of safety, the preventive measures should be taken.

(4) The treatment methods of basic height installation and jacking are as follows: ① the electric pout is taken from the main process program of the computer. For detailed steps, please refer to the instruction manual

(5) attachment anchorage design (the attachment height of each channel is shown in schematic diagram). Embedded parts and stay rods not provided by the manufacturer shall be designed

(6) operator organization, safety measures and special matters handling methods tower crane operation site is frequently transferred, while the geological conditions and installation environment of the construction project are different. Therefore, a specific and targeted installation (disassembly) plan must be formulated for each installation (disassembly), but the content of the plan can be emphasized. The preparation of installation (disassembly) plan is an important comprehensive technical work, which is generally made by the installation unit after site investigation according to the equipment operation instructions and engineering design and construction drawings. Carry out technical disclosure before operation. The scheme shall be filed in time after installation. The installation scheme must be reviewed and approved by the relevant competent department

v. foundation construction and requirements

(1) the foundation of tower crane must be constructed in strict accordance with the foundation design

(2) the selection of main materials such as reinforcement, cement, sand and gravel for Foundation (pile, cushion cap) shall comply with relevant material management regulations and quality requirements

(3) there should be quality inspection, acceptance and test records for reinforcement, cement and concrete

(4) rebar binding concealed acceptance and overall foundation acceptance must be carried out

the above-mentioned data and records should be sorted out and archived

VI. installation requirements of the whole machine

tower crane installation is to make the whole machine of the equipment meet the relevant national standards and be in a safe state for use. In order to ensure the installation quality

and operation safety, the following points should be met:

(1) the foundation concrete should be fully maintained, and the overall installation can be started only after its strength meets the specified requirements

(2) the installation and disassembly unit must have corresponding qualifications. Installation and disassembly operators must work with certificates (including jacking and attachment)

(3) implement according to the installation scheme (and equipment operation manual)

VII. Inspection and acceptance

after installation, the acceptance shall be carried out according to the following procedures:

(1) the installation unit shall work with the user unit to inspect the white tester

(2) after passing the self inspection, it shall be reported to the competent unit with inspection and acceptance qualification, and the safety and performance of the whole machine shall be tested according to the standards issued by the state

(3) if the test is qualified, a permit will be issued

VIII. Operators work with certificates

tower crane drivers and commanders must be trained, assessed and issued by provincial and municipal labor departments or their designated units. Hold valid certificates

at this point, the installed tower crane can be put into construction. Construction equipment management is becoming more and more important for the survival and development of construction enterprises. The author puts forward the above views after years of work practice. At the same time, I believe that no matter how different the specific mode of enterprise management is, it is very necessary to ensure the strict implementation of all links

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