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Conference room in your pocket - Mobile Video Conference ctiforum on November 26 (Jia'er): the market competition in recent years has been surging. The upgrading of Apple has driven the craziness of the mobile intelligent terminal market. So far, more than 800 million users around the world are using mobile intelligent terminals. The emergence of mobile intelligent terminals makes users spend less and less time on PCs, Mobile office has become the mainstream trend of modern commercial office

the mobile video conference product launched by civi extends video conference to mobile terminals, puts the conference room in your pocket, and easily joins the conference with one click, making mobile office and other consumables possible

easy to attend and use

the structure has a high probability of bearing unilateral load. Only the PC client opens the meeting, and the mobile intelligent collection client can easily join the meeting with one click, and connect with the PC smoothly

text communication and interaction

vision mobile video conference meets the needs of participants for public chat, and also supports one-to-one private chat

no need to have a foothold in the new material market.

video mobile video conference supports document, picture sharing and interactive audio and video interaction. When the host turns on the audio and video permission, the mobile intelligent terminal can speak and video, truly realizing audio and video interaction

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