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Omar electric appliance business change chairman and other 14 people resigned

Omar electric appliance recently announced that the change of the company's actual controller and the company's planned share acquisition and non-public offering will lead to significant changes in the company's assets and business. In order to meet the needs of the company's governance under the new circumstances, it agreed to the resignation applications of 14 directors, supervisors and senior managers. Omar electric announced on the evening of the 26th that the company had received the resignation letters of directors, supervisors and senior managers Cai Shier, Wang Jiyun, Wu Shiqing, Yao Youjun, Su Dongping, Liu eping, Shi Wei, Xie Shisong, Zhang Junchao, pan Changhan, Jiang Wenhong, Zhou Jianchang, she Xiuyi and Huang Bing. In view of the change of the actual controller of the company and the stock acquisition and non-public offering that the company is planning will lead to significant changes in the company's assets and business, in order to meet the needs of corporate governance in the new situation, the above 14 people apply for resignation from their positions in the company

among them, Cai Shier resigned from the corresponding positions of the company's director, chairman and special committee of the board of directors, and no longer held any position in the company after his resignation; Wang Jiyun resigned from the company's director, general manager and special committee of the board of directors, and then became the general manager of the refrigerator business department of the company. Before the new chairman and general manager of the company are appointed, Cai Shier will continue to perform the duties of chairman and general manager, and preside over the daily work of the board of directors and the company

Omar electric announced on October 28 that after receiving the notice from the company's shareholders, the company's shareholders Cai Shier, Cai Jianquan, Wang Jiyun, Wu Shiqing, Yao Youjun, Guan Zhihua, Liang Jinyi, Liu Liyi and Dongsheng Investment Co., Ltd. plan to transfer their shares of Omar electric with Zhao Guodong, Tonglu Yanhua investment management partnership (limited partnership) and Tibet jinmeihua Investment Co., Ltd

it is reported that Omar electric recently launched a non-public offering and plans to raise no more than 2.608 billion yuan to invest in the Internet Financial cloud service platform project, intelligent POS project and supply chain finance project. The non-public offering object Tibet Rongjin Huitong is a company controlled by Zhao Guodong. After the equity transfer, Zhao Guodong will hold 20.38% of the company's shares

according to the announcement data, Zhao Guodong's shares in Omar Electric will exceed the shareholding ratio of CAI Shier, the original actual controller of the company, by 14.63%, and become the new controlling shareholder and actual controller of Omar. In the process of introducing Internet business, Cai Shier, chairman of Omar electric appliance and veteran of home appliance industry, changed from the actual controller to the second largest shareholder of the company<2. Electromechanical: the elevator drives the screw nut to rotate through the belt pulley and worm gear/p>

it is understood that Zhao Guodong is the CEO of zhongrongjin and once was the founder of the third-party payment enterprise silver, which was later acquired by jd.com and has now become jd.com wallet. Previously, Zhao Guodong was the vice president of JD group. Zhao Guodong left JD more than a year ago to start a business and founded wallet financial services. Within a few months after Zhao Guodong left jd.com, wallet financial services received a round of financing from tens of millions of dollars of venture capital invested by Gaorong capital and Huaqing Daokou capital

Omar electric appliance said that although the refrigerator business of the company maintained a good development trend, the brand competition faced by the company was further intensified. Since 2014, the overall demand growth rate of domestic and foreign home appliance markets has decreased significantly, especially in the refrigerator market, where the demand is no longer growing significantly, and the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce

according to the statistics of zhongyikang, the retail volume of the domestic refrigerator market in the first half of the year fell by 7.4% year-on-year, leading the decline in white power. During the National Day holiday this year, the sales volume of the domestic refrigerator market fell year on year

Omar Electric said in the announcement that it would adjust its development strategy and integrate resources into the new blue ocean of interconnection in 2015. At present, the company's profits are still mainly from the refrigerator business, but Omar's major strategy in the future is to further tap users in the field of Internet finance, based on solving the problem of being controlled by others and the value of merchants, and establish a complete Internet financial service system

how will Omar's refrigerator business develop with the change of actual controller and the cross-border from refrigerator production and manufacturing to Internet Finance? The relevant person in charge of Omar electric appliance said that in the future, the listed companies will operate the dual businesses of refrigerator and Internet finance

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