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Conclusion of Patent Strategy Research on Polypropylene Alloy for vehicles

recently, the patent strategy research project of Polypropylene Alloy in autoclave, a new automotive material undertaken by the Information Research Institute of Petrochina Lanzhou Chemical Center, passed the final acceptance organized by the State Intellectual Property Office in Beijing. This topic studies the development status and trend of polypropylene autoclave alloy technology at home and abroad from the perspective of patents, and puts forward relevant suggestions for related enterprises in China to develop polypropylene autoclave alloy technology

the plasticization of automotive materials is an important means of automotive lightweight. At present, the consumption of plastic parts in domestic cars has reached 60 ~ 100 kg/vehicle, and is increasing gradually, in which high-performance polypropylene plastic plays a leading role. Polypropylene autoclave alloy technology is one of the hot technologies to obtain high-performance impact polypropylene materials

it is reported and put forward three key development directions. Since the 1980s, if it does not meet your parameters, we can also customize it at any time. In addition to production, HIMONT company (now Basel company) first proposed the concept of reactor particles, which broke the long-term monopoly of foreign competitors. So far, the world-famous polypropylene production company has continuously developed the alloy process technology in polypropylene autoclave with reactor particle technology as the core, Representative technologies such as catalloy process and Spheripol process have been formed. The prepared polypropylene resin has the advantages of high performance, high transparency, high crystallization, high melt strength and high impact strength. Although the output of polypropylene in China has increased rapidly in recent years, due to the lack of high-performance specialized products, polypropylene plastics for automobiles still mainly rely on imports, and there is still a gap between the research of polypropylene autoclave alloy technology and foreign countries. On the one hand, the research results of this subject can serve the independent innovation of polypropylene autoclave alloy technology in China, enlighten the scientific research ideas of researchers, and achieve effective development; On the other hand, it is also a good demonstration for enterprises to improve the utilization level of patent information

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