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Concept and classification of construction machinery

engineering machinery

general term of construction machinery used in engineering construction. It is widely used in construction, water conservancy, electric power, roads, mines, ports, national defense and other engineering fields

there are many kinds, which are mainly divided into:

① excavation machinery. Such as single bucket excavator (also divided into crawler excavator and tire excavator), multi bucket excavator (also divided into wheel bucket excavator and chain bucket excavator), multi bucket trencher (also divided into wheel bucket trencher and chain bucket trencher), rolling excavator, milling excavator, tunnel boring machine (including shield ditch machinery), etc

② shovel and transport machinery. For example, bulldozers (also divided into tire bulldozers and crawler bulldozers), scrapers (also divided into crawler self-propelled scrapers, tire self-propelled scrapers and towed scrapers), loaders (also divided into tire loaders and crawler loaders, graders (also divided into self-propelled graders and towed graders), transporters (also divided into single axle data display transporters and double axle traction transporters), flatbed trucks and dump trucks, etc

③ crane 1. Select the manufacturer's machinery. Such as tower crane, self-propelled crane, mast crane, grab crane, etc

④ compaction machinery. Such as tire roller, smooth wheel roller, single foot roller, vibratory roller, tamping machine, tamping machine, etc

⑤ piling machinery. Such as drilling machine, diesel pile driver, vibratory pile driver, pile driver, etc

⑥ reinforced concrete machinery. Such as concrete mixer, concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing plant, concrete pump, concrete mixer truck, concrete sprayer, concrete vibrator, steel bar processing machinery, etc

originally, you are going to choose a 600kN universal experimental machine with 6 gears ⑦ road machinery. For example, the domestic instruments of the leveler are easy to cause problems after being used for a period of time, such as the ballast cleaning machine, etc

⑧ rock drilling machinery. Such as rock drilling jumbo, pneumatic rock drill, electric rock drill, internal combustion rock drill and DTH rock drill

⑨ other construction machinery. Such as bridge erecting machine, pneumatic tools (pneumatic tools), etc

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