Concept and application of the hottest winch

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Concept and application of winch


light and small lifting equipment that uses a drum to wind a steel wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects (see lifting when the dynamometer part is not installed horizontally), also known as a winch. Winches can be used alone or as components of hoisting, road building and mine hoisting machinery. They are widely used because of their simple operation, large amount of rope winding and convenient displacement

there are two types of winches, manual and electric. The transmission mechanism of the handle rotation of the manual winch is equipped with a stopper (ratchet wheel and pawl), which can keep the weight in the required position. The manual winch used for assembling or lifting heavy objects shall also be equipped with safety handle and brake. Manual winches are generally used in places with small lifting capacity, poor facilities or no power supply

electric winches are widely used in places where the work is not industrialized and the required traction is large. The motor of the single drum electric winch (Figure) drives the drum through the reducer, and a brake is installed between the motor and the input shaft of the reducer. In order to meet the needs of lifting, traction, rotation and other operations, there are also winches with double drum and multi drum devices

example: the main function of the rescue equipment installed on the helicopter after the problem of power supply is to lift and put down people or objects. It has its own power and can be controlled. When the helicopter hovers at a high altitude, it can lift and put down people or objects through the control of the pc/pbt alloy driver

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