Accelerate the revitalization of advanced manufact

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Accelerate the revitalization of advanced manufacturing industry, promote the continuous transformation of old and new kinetic energy

Abstract: manufacturing industry is the foundation of building a country, the instrument of rejuvenating a country, and the foundation of strengthening a country. In order to realize the economic development, the speed regulation will not reduce the potential, and the quantity will increase and the quality will be better. The focus is on the manufacturing industry, and the difficulty is in the manufacturing industry

manufacturing is the foundation of building a country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country, and the foundation of strengthening the country. To realize the speed regulation of economic development without reducing the potential and with better quantity and quality, but from the current domestic development situation, the focus is on manufacturing, and the difficulty is manufacturing

difficulties and Countermeasures in revitalizing the manufacturing industry

in recent years, the development of the manufacturing industry has encountered great difficulties, ostensibly caused by insufficient demand. But in essence, it is still a problem on the supply side. The supply structure does not adapt to the new changes in demand. The serious surplus of low-end supply and the obvious shortage of high-end supply have become a pair of major contradictions in the current development of manufacturing industry. This is also the difficulty of revitalizing the manufacturing industry

from the perspective of Liaoning Province, as an old industrial base, Liaoning is currently facing difficulties and problems such as overcapacity, supply and demand mismatch, investment decline, etc., which have both cyclical and structural problems. The root cause is structural problems and insufficient innovation ability. These problems are more prominent during the economic downturn

first, take effective investment as the starting point to make up for the industrial weakness. Focusing on the five key tasks of upgrading major equipment, improving supporting capacity, promoting intelligent manufacturing, promoting quality improvement, and improving the industrial chain, Liaoning Province organized the implementation of the three-year rolling plan of "1000 major projects", formulated guidelines for annual major industrial project plans (100 major projects of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Liaoning Province, 100 key projects of emerging industries in Liaoning Province), accelerated technological transformation, and enhanced effective investment, Promote the manufacturing industry to move towards the middle and high end

second, take the independent innovation of enterprises as a breakthrough to make up for the shortcomings of innovation. Strengthen the cultivation of innovation subjects, rely on enterprises whose main reasons are excessive viscosity of oil or dirty oil, focus on promoting the construction of national robot innovation center, and establish Shenyang Intelligent Robot National Research Institute Co., Ltd; Promote the construction and upgrading of 39 national and 707 provincial enterprise technology centers. Efforts have been made to transform innovative ways, actively organize the connection between the demand side and the supply side of science and technology, establish 11 school enterprise alliances, and promote 842 projects for colleges and universities to meet the scientific and technological needs of enterprises

third, we should strive to resolve excess capacity and reduce ineffective and low-end supply. Liaoning Province focuses on excess capacity in steel, coal and other industries, adheres to the combination of market-oriented and legal means, and resolutely eliminates backward capacity. This year, it was verified that the backward production capacity of cement enterprises in the province was 3.88 million tons, and all of them will be demolished by the end of August; Clean up 66 steel enterprises. We will implement separate policies for steel, building materials and other industries, support enterprise mergers and acquisitions, implement policies such as staggering peak production and stepped electricity prices, and actively resolve excess capacity

fourth, strive to reduce enterprise costs and release the development momentum and vitality of enterprises. We will accelerate the reform of power marketization, expand the scale of direct electricity trading, and strive to achieve about 40% of the province's industrial and commercial electricity sales throughout the year, so as to effectively reduce the power consumption cost of enterprises. Actively organize bank enterprise docking activities to help enterprises solve financing problems

realize the new organization to carry out the annual special energy-saving supervision and special supervision of major national industries, and the continuous transformation of the old kinetic energy

realize the continuous transformation of the old and new kinetic energy of the manufacturing industry, which is to cultivate and develop new kinetic energy, offset the weakening of the traditional kinetic energy through the increment of new kinetic energy, accelerate the cultivation of new technologies and new industries, and make them become new growth engines; The energy used in the transformation accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, enhancing the traditional kinetic energy, and transforming the traditional industries through new formats and new models created by mass entrepreneurship and innovation, "Internet +" and so on, so as to make them glow with new vitality, realize the smooth connection between the old and new kinetic energy, and work together, "dual engine" hybrid power to stimulate the revitalization and development of the manufacturing industry

from the perspective of Liaoning Province, it is necessary to further promote the construction of "strong manufacturing province", take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, develop and expand strategic emerging industries with development potential and expected to occupy the commanding heights, and optimize and strengthen traditional industries with foundation and advantages

first, explore new fields and speed up the cultivation of new drivers of development. Accelerate the development of new material industry with good development foundation and R & D capacity, which is related to the national economy and strategic security. First, vigorously develop advanced steel materials, high-strength aluminum alloys, high-strength and tough titanium alloys and other products, and promote the transformation and upgrading of low-end raw material products to advanced basic materials and key strategic materials. The second is to build a number of specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of new materials such as metals, chemical industry, inorganic nonmetals, high-performance and multi-functional textiles. Third, with the goal of developing advanced steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, new chemical materials, etc., we will focus on breaking through a number of key and common technologies such as high-efficiency and low-cost clean steel smelting

second, highlight technological transformation and accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries. In order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, we must base ourselves on the existing industrial foundation and advantages, focus on the implementation of the formulated "eight major categories of industrial development policy", implement policies in a classified and accurate manner, focus on improving quality and core competitiveness, shape new advantages of traditional industries, and promote the traditional kinetic energy to be full of vitality and vitality

consolidate and improve the equipment manufacturing industry. In accordance with the development direction of "high-end, complete sets and intelligence", focusing on the eight development fields of aviation equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, we will focus on promoting the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry, support key enterprises such as Shen Gu, and accelerate the R & D and industrialization of major technical equipment

adjust and optimize the petrochemical industry. In accordance with the development direction of "base, integration and refinement", we will promote the implementation and construction of major refining and chemical integration projects such as Hengli petrochemical and China ordnance, and improve the level of refining and chemical integration

transform and upgrade the metallurgical building materials industry. According to the development direction of "high-quality, green and intelligent", the metallurgical industry vigorously develops key steel varieties and high-end steel products such as high-speed railway steel and high-strength car steel. The building materials industry relies on key enterprises such as Liaoning Jijia to accelerate the development of energy-saving, environmental friendly, light and high-strength new building materials

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