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Accelerate the penetration of industry into the main position of digital economy development

strive to build a new generation of information infrastructure that is high-speed, mobile, safe and ubiquitous, deeply implement the innovative development strategy of industrial interconnection

strive to accelerate the innovation and breakthrough of key core technologies, strengthen the transformation and industrialization of innovative achievements

strive to deepen the integrated development of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry, Accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing industry

strive to deepen international exchanges and cooperation and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the world's digital economy

on October 11, the 2019 China International Digital Economy Expo co hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the people's Government of Hebei Province opened in Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hebei Province. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Wang Dongfeng, Secretary of the Hebei provincial Party committee, attended and addressed the conference. Xu Qin, governor of Hebei Province, and Wang Xudong, President of the China Electronic Information Industry Federation attended the conference

guide the integrated development of digital economy and real economy

in today's era, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are in the ascendant. The new generation of information technology represented by Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. is developing with each passing day, and accelerates its wide penetration into all fields, constantly giving birth to new industries, new models and new formats. The development of digital economy shows a vigorous momentum and shows great development potential, It is becoming an important driving force to drive the development and growth of emerging industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development. Miao Wei pointed out

5g has become a new engine of digital economy. The introduction of

5g will certainly produce new applications that we can't imagine. Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and deputy head of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development expert committee, said at the meeting that 5g+aiot (Zhilian) has added new momentum to the development of industrial interconnection, expanded new applications, and has become a new engine of the digital economy

in its view, 5g's high reliability, low delay, wide coverage and large connection characteristics combine the big data of IOT with the artificial intelligence of cloud or edge computing, which promotes the development of aiot and is realizing the coordination of human-machine and physical intelligence

many experts agree that the change of 5g for the future will not only be faster. In 4K and 8K, its second, third and fourth parts are confirmed through fire resistance experiments in the fields of frequent application of classification methods, driverless and remote control, industrial automation, health care, AR and VR, smart city and so on. The change brought by 5g may be beyond imagination

compared with previous generations of mobile networks, the ability of 5g networks will develop by leaps and bounds. In addition to bringing more extreme experience and larger capacity, 5g will also open the era of IOT and penetrate all industries. Said the relevant person in charge of Shijiazhuang communication development management office

latest number 2 According to the tensile strength of the cast test bar, in June 2019, the average monthly mobile traffic of Chinese users reached 7.2gb, 1.2 times the global average, and the mobile Internet access traffic increased by 107.3% year-on-year. Compared with five years ago, the average download rate of mobile broadband has increased by about 6 times, and the rate of upstream traffic has decreased by more than 90%. Mobile communication has entered the 5g era

In addition to 5g, Wu Hequan also believes that the tripartite pattern composed of AI and industrial interconnection has also become an important part of supporting the development of digital economy

according to McKinsey's prediction, AI can contribute $13 trillion to the global GDP by 2030; Global industrial interconnection can generate up to $11.1 trillion in revenue in 2025. Accenture data shows that industrial interconnection can bring us $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030, which can constitute many different polymer growth

intelligent manufacturing boosts high-quality development

at present, China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage, promoting the vigorous development of the digital economy, which is of great significance for expanding China's economic development space, cultivating new drivers of development, meeting the growing international influence of China's plastic machinery industry, and continuously improving the long-term needs of a better life. Constantly exploring new industries, new formats and new models, digital economy has become a new engine to promote China's high-quality development

without the existence of manufacturing, how much is the value of interconnection? Dongmingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric appliances, said at the Expo. She believes that the era of big data has promoted the rapid development of industry and also brought a reliable guarantee for product quality and accuracy. Take the after-sales failure rate of Gree Electric Appliance as an example. Before 2004, the after-sales failure rate was 1% to 2%, and by 2018, the after-sales failure rate had fallen to three tenths of a million. Coordinated development and win-win results are the goals of economic development in the world. A creator is the greatest contributor to society, and the doctrine of taking is unreliable. Gree appliance adheres to the road of independent innovation, which not only ensures the product quality of air conditioners, but also extends to other different industries. This is the value created by Gree appliance in this era

at present, unicorn enterprises are becoming the pacesetter of global innovation and an important indicator of national competitive strength. According to the list of global Unicorn enterprises released by cbinsights, a world-renowned venture capital research institution, there were 92 Unicorn enterprises in China in 2018, accounting for 28%. The outbreak of Unicorn enterprises shows the improvement of China's overall innovation strength. These enterprises lead the development of new forms of industry and promote the integration and progress of upstream and downstream industries

as the main battlefield of the real economy, industry is becoming the main battlefield of the development of digital economy. This newspaper learned from the people's Government of Hebei Province, the organizer of the Expo, that at present, Hebei Province is accelerating the promotion of industrial digitalization and using new Internet technologies and applications to transform traditional industries in an all-round, all angle and all chain way

in Baoding, Great Wall Motors' interconnected automotive collaborative R & D and design platform has achieved cross regional and cross professional design collaboration, reducing the R & D cycle by 20% and product development costs by 20%; In Chengde, Hecheng steel explored the personalized customization mode of bulk commodities, promoted the proportion of high-end products to increase by more than three times, and shortened the order delivery cycle by 53%; In Qinhuangdao, CITIC daika has implemented a lean, automated, information-based and digital four in one manufacturing system. The product qualification rate has increased by 3%, and the cost has decreased by 46%. Compared with the traditional production line, the per capita output value has increased by 3 times

traditional industries are embracing numbers and moving towards the future. By the end of 2018, the number of cloud enterprises based on the supply resource pool in Hebei Province had exceeded 3000. By 2020, this number may exceed 10000

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