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Acceptance of waste paper fiber packaging paper and paperboard integration technology project recently, Shandong Century Sunshine developed a complete set of Engineering Technology for the preparation of key monomers, special additives, environmentally friendly high-performance resins, and environmentally friendly high-performance surface materials and utilization solutions. The provincial science and technology development plan project, the research on waste paper fiber packaging paper and paperboard integration technology undertaken by Paper Industry Group Co., Ltd., passed the acceptance of the Provincial Department of science and technology

this project has studied the high-efficiency and high-value environmental protection waste paper pulping and papermaking technology and the high recycling technology of water used in the production of packaging paper and paperboard. The reuse rate of wastewater has reached more than 80%, achieving the goal of saving resources and energy consumption. As you can see from the following, through the certification of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system, it can meet the requirements of product quality control. Through retrieval and novelty search, the fiber separation and classification utilization technology of the project system is the first at home and abroad, and the technology has reached the international advanced level

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