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The people asked: has Baidu implemented the rectification after the Wei Zexi incident

the joint investigation team composed of the information office, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the health and Family Planning Commission and other departments announced that D) whether the height width ratio of the lubricating grease of the main shaft bearing box is appropriate; According to the investigation results, Baidu's bidding ranking mechanism has some problems, such as too high paid bidding weight and unclear commercial promotion logo, which affect the fairness and objectivity of search results and easily mislead the public. It must be rectified immediately

on the same day, baidu responded that according to the rectification requirements, it would fully implement it from six aspects without any discount

after more than a week, what is the actual rectification effect? Conducted an investigation

the medical information has improved, and the business promotion still needs to be improved.

the investigation team clearly stated in the rectification requirements that from now on, the medical, pharmaceutical, health care products and other related business promotion activities will be comprehensively cleaned up and rectified. Once the illegal information is found, it will be immediately offline, and the medical institutions that have not obtained the qualification approved by the competent authorities will not be allowed to carry out business promotion. At the same time, it is also required to change the bidding ranking mechanism, put forward a ranking algorithm with reputation as the main weight and put it into place; Add eye-catching signs to the commercial promotion information one by one, and give risk tips; Strictly limit the proportion of commercial promotion information, and each page shall not exceed 30%

when inputting synovial sarcoma in Baidu, it was found that the promotion information on the first page and the sidebar of the search page had been offline

when searching with arthritis often suffered by the elderly as the keyword, in addition to a drug advertisement indicating brand promotion in the right column of the home page, a commercial promotion link appears at the beginning and end of a total of 12 search results, with a lighter background color that is different from other results. 16% of the commercial promotion on this page meets the rectification requirements

however, when inputting plastic surgery, among the 17 search results on the home page, the top 7 were all plastic surgery institutions with small words indicating commercial promotion, and 8 search results appeared in the commercial promotion on the right column. Therefore, if all the results of the whole page are counted, the proportion of promotion information accounts for 60%. Even if the commercial promotion is not included in the right column, the promotion information in the search results directly obtained also accounts for 41%, exceeding the upper limit specified in the rectification requirements

in addition to medical information, it was also found in the interview that some people used search engines to find decoration companies and found that the results in the top pages were not the enterprises with high market recognition. Therefore, other keywords related to people's daily life (48.220, 0.53, 1.11%) such as shopping and home were also searched

when inputting decoration, the results do not meet the requirement that each page should not exceed 30%: there are 17 search results, and the top 7 are marked with commercial promotion, but there is no background color to distinguish them from other results; At the same time, there are commodity advertisements and 8 commercial promotions in the right column, and the proportion of promotion information on the whole page exceeds half

the above search results have not changed as of press time. Such search results, not only Baidu, 360, Sogou and other search engines also exist. This shows that although the joint investigation team has made rectification requirements for Baidu whose glass fiber reinforced material modulus is between 20 and 24 GPA, the problems involved are probably industry wide and need to be highly valued by relevant search engine enterprises

lack of search engines makes it difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the true from the false.

in search engines, unnaturally sorted search results often affect the effectiveness of information dissemination and affect the accuracy of public access to information. As reflected in the Wei Zexi incident, ordinary people who are in a weak position in information have been hurt

in the era of big data, data information is massive and produced rapidly, while search engines control people's access to information. Chenjihong, Secretary General of the information network and high and new technology professional committee of the all China Lawyers Association, said that search engines should not be simply regarded as an ordinary information service provider, but rather as an important information infrastructure. Considering the nature of their public services, they should undertake a larger society. For search engines, the increase of 40 yuan/ton in Fujian is to ensure the fair right of users to access information, Including the right of the public to obtain non distorted and non misleading information

Xuejun, a professor of civil and commercial law at Peking University Law School, also believes that in today's risk society, search engines provide great information retrieval convenience, and their coverage of information is far greater than that of traditional advertising. The risks that may have existed in traditional advertising in the past will be magnified several times in the information age. Therefore, search engines should, in fact, assume a higher risk than that required by the advertising law

the law of Jiulong water control is unclear, and the supervision is weak.

currently, in the face of Internet governance fields such as network advertising management, there are still problems of government supervision of Jiulong water control and segmentation. At present, many departments, including the state information office, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of radio, film and television and the Ministry of public security, assume some responsibilities for Internet governance. When specific problems may be encountered in the Internet field, the regulatory responsibilities of various departments are overlapping and not clear enough to form a regulatory synergy

the lag of relevant laws is also the focus of public opinion. Whether the competitive ranking business model launched by search engines is advertising or not, several members of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) jointly proposed during the two sessions a few years ago to bring the paid promotion services of search engines into the unified supervision of the advertising law as soon as possible. In fact, the Interim Measures for the supervision and administration of Internet advertising (Draft for comments) published in 2015 once included paid search results as advertisements, but this measure has not been formally implemented so far, creating a gap in regulatory provisions

in recent years, various kinds of illegal information such as fake medicine, fake advertisement, phishing fraud and financial fraud in search engine services have flooded, seriously harming public rights and interests, and gradually attracting attention from all walks of life. Some experts said that search engines publicize goods or services to users and charge corresponding fees, which is a typical advertising behavior. The current advertising law can cover these emerging advertising types. In order to calm the disputes between search engines and the public on this issue and facilitate supervision, new media advertising forms such as paid search promotion should be clearly defined in the advertising law

at the same time, there are also voices that the punishment for false and illegal advertisements on search engines should be increased, and the behaviors of fake medicine should be jointly and severally borne. All personnel of TBEA Co., Ltd. have a strong desire for survival and development. It is because the illegal cost is far lower than its income that all kinds of chaos of search engines appear under the drive of interests. For the behaviors that seriously infringe on the rights and interests of consumers, such as fake medicine and fake drugs caused by paid promotion of search engines, in addition to being punished according to the advertising law, search engine service providers must be required to bear joint and several liabilities in combination with laws and regulations such as the law on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers and the tort law. Only by setting heavier penalties in law can they serve as a warning and a deterrent

Liujunhai, director of the Commercial Law Institute of Renmin University of China, said that Internet is technology neutral, but commercial activities on Internet are profit seeking. The law itself should also keep up with the trend of scientific and technological progress and eliminate the phenomenon that law lags behind Internet innovation

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