After the first taste of lingyuguo six liquid tank

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After the first taste of lingyuguo six liquid tanker, the customer said

after the first taste of lingyuguo six liquid tanker, the customer said

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recently, a batch of lingyuguo six tank bicycles arrived in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, delivered to customers, and completed this significant order

the customer is a restructured enterprise of Sinopec and a benchmark enterprise in the local industry. I haven't used Lingyu's products before, but many teams around are using Lingyu's liquid tank cars, and I have been influenced by them. After the implementation of the policy in July, it was forbidden to use the national third automobile, and the new vehicles must meet the national sixth standard. After several weighing, the customer became the first crab eater in the local industry. After several rounds of comparison, he purchased a batch of oil trucks from Lingyu

this batch of vehicles are made of high-end aluminum alloy and have been lightweight designed. They have the characteristics of light self weight, large load weight and high cost performance; Lingyu uses advanced can wrapping technology to form the tank body at one time, with smooth lines, beautiful appearance and fine workmanship; The structure inside the structure is reasonable without any protection. The double cabin design makes it easy to load and unload oil products of different grades

"there is a certain difference between the tensile testing machine for high molecular polymers and the general tensile testing machine for material tensile properties. I'm afraid I can't understand the goods, and I'm afraid I can compare the goods with the goods". After the vehicle really entered the "actual combat", the superior performance showed by the vehicle made the customer full of praise, especially satisfied with the upper part. In the words of the customer, "the car is beautiful, the design is reasonable, and the configuration is satisfactory!"

the next day, the customer took the initiative to invite his peers who wanted to buy a car to see the car, recommended it to his friends, and asked our sales manager to negotiate on site. Several more orders were immediately concluded

in order to fight for the blue sky, the national six standard sub region has been gradually implemented. The national six liquid tanker delivered this time is the first batch in Shanxi, Lingyu and the industry! Both sides are full of expectations. I wish this batch of vehicles can make customers feel at ease when driving, such as photovoltaic, lithium battery, light alloy of vehicle and fan blades, fuel cell diaphragm, etc., which are comfortable to use, make money and save worry

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