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Financing slows down, giants appear, and the foam will burst After soaring all the way, artificial intelligence may enter the "golden age" of industrial application.

financing slows down, giants appear, and the foam will burst After all the way, artificial intelligence may enter the "golden age" of industrial application.

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in the past year, artificial intelligence has been accelerated to be applied to various scenes of life in image recognition and speech recognition, from face brushing shopping to voice controlled smart home, from red light running capture to medical image application. With the continuous breakthrough and application development of artificial intelligence technology, 203. Artificial intelligence that needs to be tested in high temperature environment for 17 years has been favored by a large amount of capital and regarded as a financing year in the industry

this year, artificial intelligence has been pushed to the forefront, but it is not a praise, but rather a boo calling it a foam. In this year's many public activities on artificial intelligence, many people in the industry have pointed out that last year's accumulation of capital has virtually brought about a foam in the artificial intelligence industry. With the gradual emergence of industry giants and the gradual convergence of resources and funds, this year may usher in a reshuffle of the artificial intelligence industry, and a number of enterprises that lack financial support and have not yet found a landing scene may face bankruptcy. However, some investors believe that artificial intelligence may enter the golden age of industrial application this year

the industry concentration continues to improve

2017 saw an exceptionally hot AI market in China, with not only domestic funds coming in one after another, but also overseas funds competing for the beach. According to the China artificial intelligence development report 2018 released by Tsinghua University in Beijing, the total investment and financing of China's artificial intelligence in 2017 reached US $27.71 billion, with 369 financing events, accounting for 70% and 31% of the world respectively

however, since the end of 2017, the investment and financing fever in the field of artificial intelligence has slowed down significantly. According to the data of prospective industry research institute, there were 146 financing events in the first half of 2018. However, it is worth noting that although the number of financing events has decreased, the financing scale has exceeded 40billion yuan. This is mainly because Shangtang technology and cloud have obtained high investment from enterprises such as technology and youbixuan, and the financing amount in half a year has exceeded that in 2017

it is not difficult to find that after the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the capital will be more and more concentrated in a few leading enterprises. On September 10, the domestic artificial intelligence Unicorn Shangtang technology was also exposed to have obtained a US $1billion investment from Softbank China, with a valuation of US $6billion. Although both parties did not comment on the matter, and the news has not been officially confirmed, Shangtang technology has actually raised two times in 2018, totaling $1.22 billion. The investors also include industrial capital such as Alibaba and Suning, as well as overseas funds

historical experience shows that once the industrial capital such as Internet giants enters the market, the industry will not be far from reshuffling. The law of the Internet high-tech industry has always been the same. The investment companies are the largest, and other companies will lose one after another. According to the 2017 China US AI venture capital status and trends released by Tencent Research Institute in 2017, the total number of global AI companies reached 2542. However, last year alone, more than 50 AI start-ups worldwide declared bankruptcy. The forward looking Industry Research Institute also predicted that in 2018, the financing of artificial intelligence industry will continue to slow down the number of enterprises, and the financing scale will enlarge with the concentration of the industry

pseudo concept and industrialization are the two development bottlenecks

as for squeezing out the foam, according to the industry analysis, there are two reasons that have accelerated the pace adjustment of the artificial intelligence industry. One is that venture capital is overheated, resulting in the false concept of artificial intelligence; The other is that technological development can not keep up with the pace of industrialization, and the threshold is high, so it is difficult to land quickly

securities times · venture capital exchange also found that the concept of artificial intelligence has been widely abused. For example, some speakers and toy robots with simple programs are also labeled as artificial intelligence; There are also some simple intelligent devices, which are also packaged as artificial intelligence. But in fact, Li Yi, chief researcher of the Internet research center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that up to 90% of the smart speakers and robots in the market are not artificial intelligence, because there are only a few enterprises with massive data at home and abroad, regardless of face recognition or speech recognition

an entrepreneur in the field of artificial intelligence also admitted that, in fact, many entrepreneurs' so-called artificial intelligence applications can only be on paper, and can not be implemented at all. Moreover, some so-called research is only repeated copying and packaging of other people's technologies, so as to deceive investors. In the view of investors, in the case of China's clear policy guidance for artificial intelligence, it is inevitable that the industry will overheat. But from another point of view, the development of an industry does need a large amount of capital injection to promote its faster development, even if it is to stir up evil and clear up evil

from the perspective of enterprises, the technical threshold of the AI industry is very high. Plastic film, rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials have a long investment time. Many entrepreneurial R & D enterprises have no way to implement their products in the short term. Even if their technology is already very sophisticated, they need to adapt to different scenarios. Xieyinan, the brand and market center of Kuangshi face++ said in an interview with L important skill parameters that, for example, in the field of face recognition, the accuracy of face recognition is no worse than that of any kind of biometric recognition, with an accuracy rate of 99.8%. However, it is still impossible to judge the maturity of the technology regardless of the specific scenarios. The maturity of any technology does not mean that it can be used in any scene. Each scene will put forward additional indicators for face recognition technology. At present, face recognition can only be said to be relatively mature in the widely used fields such as finance, and has also completed the running in between each other. However, it is hard to say whether the security, public security, payment and other fields can be mature and applied. The technology and scene need a dynamic interactive process. He told us that each scenario has different standards for technology, and the methods and Strategies of technology application in different scenarios will also be different

investors: the reshuffle is coming, and the industry application is at the right time.

looking back on the previous rapid development of artificial intelligence, since this year, many people in the industry and investment institutions have said that the 2018 artificial intelligence will usher in a reshuffle period. In this year's open forum on adjusting oscilloscope range first, liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, which focuses on speech recognition, a branch of artificial intelligence technology, said that artificial intelligence will change the world, but people should be cautious at the same time. He predicted that a large number of AI start-ups would close down this year

In April this year, Li Kaifu, chairman of Innovation workshop, an investment institution, also made a public statement that there is a foam in AI entrepreneurship, and a number of AI companies may go bankrupt after spending all their money in the future. The AI project (financing fever) started in the first half of 2017. It took almost 18 months to finance. It is estimated that a number of companies will be toppled by the end of 2018. In fact, at the Beijing Summit of Alibaba cloud habitat conference last year, huxiaoming, President of Alibaba cloud, also said that the development of artificial intelligence should be free from foam, and then more should be combined with industry

Li Zhu, co-founder of Innolux angel fund, is optimistic about the combination of artificial intelligence and industry. Li Zhu, who has been involved in the field of artificial intelligence for many years, has a clear understanding of this field. He believes that artificial intelligence has entered the second stage, focusing on application. Artificial intelligence must be applied to specific application scenarios, truly serve the current industry, and let people get rid of repeated and ineffective labor. In his opinion, some directions that can be landed at present, such as medical treatment, finance, driverless industrial robots, etc., are the fastest developing and fastest landing scenarios at present. As a start-up company, Li Zhu suggested that they pay more attention to these applications, especially to B applications. These are places that giants can't touch before, but they are opportunities for entrepreneurs

Li Zhu doesn't agree with the foam of artificial intelligence. In his opinion, there is a foam in artificial intelligence, mainly because some leading enterprises are overvalued, and the financing amount accounts for 40% of the whole industry. However, in fact, many start-ups are still reasonably valued. At present, in terms of the large industry trend, it is just the time to enter the industry application stage, and it is an opportunity for many small and medium-sized enterprises to enter. At the same time, the government also supports the development of artificial intelligence. I think artificial intelligence will be the biggest outlet in the next decade, because everyone has formed a joint force, so it is to find a good application scenario and continue to dig deep. In this way, when China's demographic dividend drops, it can find a new opportunity for China's economic transformation. Li Zhu said

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