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After Tianjiao 0811 and 0901 implemented the compulsory reduction measures, there were also requirements to make up for the decline.

after the holiday, Tianjiao started with three limit plates, and during the day when Tianjiao 811 and 901 were closed, other contracts fell by the limit. Yesterday, ru0811 and ru0901 of the Shanghai Stock Exchange had to implement compulsory reduction measures

in the past September, both Japanese and Shanghai Rubber indices have fallen below the rising trend line since 2004. The Shanghai Rubber index and Japanese rubber index have reversed downward, and the tone of the bear market has been basically established

the deteriorating global economic situation has made the bulls have no desire to fight, which is the fundamental reason for the decline in rubber prices. In recent days, the financial tragedy on Wall Street has become more and more serious, and financial giants have been falling down. This means the end of the investment banking era on Wall Street. The global stock market verified investors' concerns about the future economy: the Dow fell from the highest at 14145 to 9447 on October 7, down 33.2%, the German DAX fell from the highest at 8067 to 4992 on October 7, down 38.1%, and the French CAC40 fell from the highest at 6103 to 3533 on October 7, down 42.1%. It is even worse to see what the world calls the "BRICs countries of how battery acupuncture testing machines work": the Russian government recently stopped trading in the stock market for two days in order to prevent the financial crisis, but it plummeted by 20% on October 6. The RTS index, which has performed well in the past 10 years, has now become the lowest price stock index in the world, and its current P/E ratio is only about 5 times. The highest point of Brazil bvsp fell by 15% on October 6

the decline of real economy is a fact that investors have to face. Wall Street is worried that the bailout plan passed by the government is not enough to pull the U.S. economy out of the shadow of recession, because the economic data are increasingly not optimistic. The European economy may be even worse, as the weak euro makes the US dollar continue to rise

from the perspective of fundamentals, the sales volume of the world's famous tire companies this year has generally decreased in mining, cement, thermal power, construction machinery, automobile and other fields. North America is the largest tire production and sales region in the world, and it is also a barometer of the world tire situation. The load test of the subprime mortgage crisis is that the tensile performance with 1 fixed angle gasket directly inhibits the demand for automobiles. Relevant data show that in the first half of this year, the sales of new cars in the United States dropped by more than 17% year-on-year, reaching the lowest point of this century. The sluggish demand for automobiles has led to a continuous decline in tire sales in North America

domestic automobile sales are also not optimistic: the depressed stock market, coupled with worries about the future economy and high oil prices, have automatically reduced automobile consumption. According to the statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, in August, the production and sales of basic passenger vehicles (cars) were 331700 and 344600, down 16.62% and 4.50% month on month, and 6.63% and 7.42% year on year

from the trend of various commodities, the bear market has spread from the stock market to the commodity market. The financial tsunami caused by the subprime mortgage strongly announced the extremely bleak demand outlook for commodities other than gold. The U.S. government's market rescue measures are only to prevent the collapse of the financial system and are unlikely to push the global economy onto the road of growth. The surrounding markets have fallen sharply. How can Tianjiao survive

from the perspective of Shanghai Jiaotong, the measures taken to reduce the 901 contract after the three limits will have a great impact on Tianjiao 903 and Tianjiao 905. The decline of Japanese rubber was significantly larger than that of Shanghai rubber for the first time, such as raw materials, new processes, new formulas and new types. In the future, Shanghai rubber also has the requirement to make up for the decline. In addition, Japanese rubber has also fallen sharply in recent days. After the resumption of the market, Tianjiao 901 will focus on the performance of the limit

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