After the drafting of the hottest new regulations,

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After the drafting of the new regulations, you can no longer sell tires at will

on July 6, the Ministry of Commerce issued an announcement that the drafting of the tire e-commerce transaction service business specification applied for revision by China Rubber Industry Association in 2017 has been completed

in order to ensure the scientificity, preciseness and applicability of the standards, China Rubber Association openly solicits opinions from relevant industry associations, units and enterprises

tire world found that the revised tire e-commerce transaction service operation specification has improved the relevant provisions on transaction dispute handling

when the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved in the transaction are infringed, the tire e-commerce shall assist the party whose rights and interests are infringed to obtain information, coordinate disputes with the parties involved in the transaction, or request consumer organizations, industry associations and other legally established mediation organizations to mediate

if negotiation and mediation can not solve the problem, e-commerce should submit the event to an arbitration institution for arbitration or bring a lawsuit to the people's court in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, so as to effectively ensure that the interests of all participants in the transaction are not infringed

according to the tire world, after-sales service has been the most worrying link for consumers since the emergence of tire e-commerce

problems such as uneven quality of purchased products, high cost of rights protection, and merchants' refusal to settle claims are emerging one after another

chenyinjiang, Deputy Secretary General of the China Society of consumer protection law, said that domestic laws and regulations on e-commerce are not perfect, and the regulation that relevant departments can call out the curve door again after the experiment is completed is not in place

with regard to the revision of the business specifications, some insiders believe that this move not only broadens the channels for consumers to safeguard their rights, but also forms certain constraints on tire e-commerce

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