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After the year, the price of waste products in Haikou fell across the board. In the case of "spring cold"

after the year, the price of waste products in Haikou became lower and lower. The price of a ton of old newspapers was 1170 yuan before the year, and dropped to 1120 yuan after the year; Scrap iron was 1820 yuan per ton years ago, but now it is 1750 yuan per ton, a decrease of 70 yuan per ton. Wang Chuanqin, who recycles waste products, said that business was good after the Lantern Festival in previous years, but this year was different. In previous years, high-end gift boxes, high-end liquor bottles and other hard currency were gone, making business difficult

poor Wang's business is declining

in previous years, the daily income was more than 150 yuan after the 15th day of the first lunar month, but now the income in the morning is less than 20 yuan, which is the same as that of the lost connection passenger plane of Malaysia Airlines. Wanggongqin reluctantly said that in previous years, the recycling of gift boxes accounted for a large proportion of waste recycling. However, check whether the joints of the oil system are tightened. This year, the recycling of gift boxes is much less than that of the same period last year, and very high-end packaging boxes can hardly be seen

it is learned that the recycling volume of waste products after the year is lower than that of the same period last year. The price drop is not only the scrap iron, but also the plastic

the market is unpredictable this year, and the price has reached the lowest point since the financial crisis in 2008. Mr. Liang, who is engaged in waste purchase in Hainan Haiyu middle line, explained that the recently collected waste has a risk of decline almost every day. The average decline in waste prices is no less than 10%, and the downward trend is not over. If it continues to fall like this, it will certainly affect the enthusiasm of practitioners, and there may even be a scene of no one picking up waste. Mr. Liang said

in the interview, the heads of several waste purchase stations said that the recycling of renewable resources is the worst this year, and it should be the peak season after the year, but this year's market has disappointed many businesses

in previous years, high-grade wine bottles were the focus of recycling after the king's day. This year, even if someone wanted to sell these wine bottles, the king would not accept them. Who will I sell it to

according to the analysis of a businessman who did not want to be named, the state has made unprecedented efforts to control the consumption of three commodities. In the past, eating and drinking made the high-end liquor industry complete. Now we can see the change from the recycling of waste products. At the same time, he said that at present, the recycling price of renewable resources in Haikou has plummeted almost across the board, no less than the financial crisis in 2008

chain reaction affects the price decline

manager Liang of Hainan waste recycling company said that this is a chain reaction. The continuous decline of waste recycling prices can not only reflect the macroeconomic trend, but also directly reflect the upstream commodity raw material prices and the slowdown in the demand of one project industry seeking EU funding. For example, the acquisition of waste paper is closely related to the production of paper industry, packaging and other industries, and then linked to the secondary and tertiary industries such as clothing, food and express delivery. Therefore, the purchase price of waste paper fell sharply, which means that the winter of the secondary and tertiary industries has not passed

Songjun, vice president of Haikou waste recycling association, analyzed that the sharp decline in the price of natural waste products was closely related to the insufficient start-up of relevant production enterprises, the sharp decline in the demand for raw materials and the sharp decline in the price of resource-based products such as crude oil and iron ore due to the impact of the global economic environment

in the interview, some practitioners frankly said that if the market continues to fall, it will certainly affect the recycling enterprises and the enthusiasm of scavengers will also be greatly affected. The industry insiders said that, for example, waste plastic bottles are in the peak recycling season in summer, with a large amount of recycling, but the selling price is not high. They generally have to store them until winter, but this year's situation makes them afraid to overstock

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