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After the year, it will cost hundreds more to decorate the hardware. The cost of transportation raw materials is high.

some Zhengzhou citizens who bought houses last year have started to purchase and decorate. But they found that prices were rising from labor to hardware, plates, doors and windows

some categories have gone up several times last year and are still rising this year. It is said that when decorating a house, hardware alone will cost hundreds of yuan more than before the Spring Festival


prices of labor, doors, windows and plates are rising

official data show that in 2016, the sales area of newly-built commercial housing in Zhengzhou was 28.592 million square meters, an increase of 50.6% over 2015. Among them, 25.714 million square meters of residential buildings alone were sold, an increase of 51.7%. If 90 square meters per suite is used, 285700 residential units will be sold alone

some new buyers have started planning to install and move in as soon as possible. Ms. Liu is one of them. "I got the key on New Year's day this year, but I can't install it in winter. I thought I'd start work as soon as spring begins. But after asking, I found that the prices of materials, labor and other aspects are rising." She said, "if you ask workers to tear down the wall, you won't do it if it's less than 6000 yuan." In previous years, people would do such work for 5000 yuan

the price of aluminum alloy windows also increased. She inquired in some door and window processing shops that the color aluminum of ordinary brands is generally 230 yuan/square meter, and the broken bridge aluminum alloy is 330 yuan/square meter. "Each square meter has increased by 10 yuan compared with the year before."

around Chengdong road and Haihang Road, Henan business daily visited several window and door processing shops at random. A shopkeeper said: "now I buy an aluminum alloy, which is more than ten yuan higher than that of the previous year. Before the new year, the color aluminum window was 220 yuan per square meter, and now the price is not enough."

Mr. Li, who is in charge of the engineering project in a decoration company in Zhengzhou, also confirmed this situation. He said: "in addition to the rising labor costs, the prices of many materials have also increased, not only aluminum alloy doors and windows, but also hardware and plates that timely publish the details of unqualified products..."


the shopkeeper has received the price increase notice

according to people in the building materials industry, among many decoration materials, The most frequent price increase is hardware

Jinli, general agent of Guangdong Yajie hardware Henan South China City, said that among hardware, aluminum rose the earliest. It began to rise in August and September last year, and then it rose several times. Later, it spread to copper. "A very small copper handle sold for 16 yuan last year, but now it has to sell for 20 yuan."

Yajie, represented by Jinli, is a big brand in the industry. When many small factories raised their prices last year, the brands she represented insisted on not raising their prices. However, after the Spring Festival, big factories also had to issue price adjustment notices. "Before you came to interview me, I just finished pasting the new price tag. We adjusted the price uniformly throughout the country."

she said: "in our industry, one of the most frequently heard words is that everything goes up except wages."

within ten minutes of Jinli's interview, she received another price adjustment notice from the damping manufacturer. According to the notice, since March 1, the price of the company's series products will be adjusted by 12% - 15%

the manufacturer also explained the reason: the rising trend of raw material prices in 2017 was still not alleviated. For the sake of the company's brand sustainability, the manufacturer decided to adjust the prices of a series of products

Jin Li estimated that it would cost hundreds of yuan more to decorate a suite after the spring festival than before the Spring Festival

strict environmental protection

transportation and high raw material costs

Liu Zhi, who deals in wood lines and plates near Zhengzhou east building materials market, also deeply feels the rising cost of the building materials industry

according to Liu Zhi, the cost of wood thread and plate increased by 10% on average. In addition to the plate, the price of wooden doors has also been raised, "the original 800 yuan door is now basically sold for 850 yuan."

it's not just wooden doors. According to a merchant, the price of anti-theft doors has also been raised, and the price of higher-grade ones will rise by 50 or 60 yuan

lixianwei, from Tengda decoration materials collection in South China City, is also engaged in plate business. "Goods that can sell for twenty or thirty thousand yuan a day." In his opinion, there are two reasons for the rise in plate prices. In addition to stricter environmental protection requirements, transportation costs have also increased

he gave an example: after the Spring Festival, each gypsum board he sold rose by more than 1 yuan, from 17.5 yuan to 18 Routine test: tensile yield strength, elongation at break, ring stiffness test, ring flexibility test, creep ratio test 9 yuan. In order to cope with the rising costs, manufacturers all over the country even reduced the use of materials. For example, a piece of wood board, which was 4 meters long in the past, is now 3.7 meters long

ceramic dealers also obviously feel the increase in transportation costs. Zhangzhixing, head of Huiwanjia ceramics in South China City, said that after the Spring Festival, the logistics price per ton of goods rose by sixorseven yuan. If it is allocated to each piece of ceramic, it will cost more than 1 yuan. Due to the requirements of environmental protection for chemical raw materials, the ex factory price of ceramics has also increased by a few cents to two yuan per piece

according to Li Pengzhan, who operates obenno ceramic tiles in Wuzhou City, the import price of ceramic dealers in Zhengzhou has indeed increased compared with that of years ago, and the increase in coal to electricity and transportation costs of manufacturers are all the reasons for the increase

the cost of some products has risen

the retail price has not changed

the cost has risen. Some categories can be quickly transmitted to the retail price, but the retail price of some categories does not necessarily rise with the cost

the staff of a building materials area in a large professional market in Zhengzhou said that some products with large profit margins were less affected, such as lighting and ceramic tiles. Li Pengzhan said bluntly: "the cost of ceramic tiles has risen, but we mainly focus on retail, which has little impact. In addition, the Spring Festival has advanced a lot of goods, and the inventory is sufficient, so the price has not been raised."

in addition, there is another reason, that is, the power of the market

zhangzhixing said two figures: first, people in the industry believe that with the relocation of merchants in Zhongyuan Ceramic City and Zhengzhou Ceramic City, the number of practitioners in Zhengzhou ceramic industry has increased by 60%; Second, dozens of ceramic tile kilns have been added in the province in recent years. One kiln production line has imported 886700 tons of lithium concentrate, and the production capacity per day can reach 30000 square meters

"who dares to raise the price if they can't sell out?" Zhangzhixing said

there is another category of products where the retail price did not rise or could last until the end: high-end brands in the same competitive category

Wang Yan, the agent of Zhejiang Golden Knight wooden door, said that there were no wooden doors within 1000 yuan in her shop. Although some small, scattered and dirty enterprises meant that the prices of wooden doors did not conform to industrial policies and local industrial layout plans, and the prices of hardware also rose, the prices of the wooden doors she represented did not rise, and the manufacturers did not adjust the prices


during the visit, it was also found that although the houses in Zhengzhou were sold crazy last year, the driving effect on the building materials market has not been obvious so far. Some merchants even think that the business after the Spring Festival this year is not as good as that in the same period last year. One merchant said: "after the Spring Festival last year, it was very busy, and this year it is still too idle."

some merchants were puzzled, and some felt that there were three reasons: first, many of the houses sold last year were future houses, which had not been delivered; Second, there are many investors, so they don't plan to live; Third, there are too many markets, dispersing the passenger flow

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