After the most popular decoration, it was found th

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After finishing the decoration, it was found that there were no wires in the conduit, but the owner called the bricklayer over.

during the decoration, it was rare that the conduit forgot to thread. However, if such a careless electrician was encountered and he didn't pay attention to it during the acceptance, it was normal to have h-residual indentation depth, but in order to ensure the uniformity in the laboratory

of course, no matter what the cause is, it is not easy to deal with this problem. Even the wall and ground must be smashed open before the wires can be penetrated. After the decoration of an owner's home, this situation occurred, so that the bathroom lamps could not be installed. However, to the surprise of the installer, the owner did not call the electrician, but the Mason instead

in the opinion of the installer, the most important thing the owner should do now is to find the electrician and put on the wires so that he can install the lamps smoothly

another thing is that the wiring pipe is not wired, which is also the electrician's, so I really don't understand that the owner called the bricklayer. After all, the Mason can't solve this problem at all. What's the use of his coming here

however, in fact, the owner thinks so. It was because the installer broke the wall tiles that he found that there were no wires in the conduit. That is to say, the plasterer must have found this problem when he was laying tiles, and he laid the wall tiles without notifying the owner or the electrician. Therefore, in the view of the owner, it is very irresponsible for the mason to do so. Therefore, the problem must be solved by the mason

of course, the Mason also came, but he was also very helpless. He did find this problem when he was laying tiles, but he did not know the purpose of the electrician. In addition, the hydropower project had nothing to do with him, so he laid the wall tiles. If the owner thinks it is him for this reason, he must not accept it. After all, hydropower and masonry projects have nothing to do with each other

fortunately, although the electrician did not do threading, he reserved a packing belt inside the pipe. So this brings great benefits to threading. To put it simply, you can thread the wires without hitting the wall or the ground. Therefore, this problem is not too troublesome to deal with

in fact, from the perspective of most people, this problem has nothing to do with the mason. As the Mason said, the two projects are completely irrelevant. Although the two are front and rear works, no Mason will help to inspect the hydropower project before construction

therefore, we must be more careful in the water and electricity acceptance today. Although the VOC emission project of products affected by water and electricity is complex and cumbersome, every detail still needs to be carefully checked. Once neglected, the cost of later maintenance and rectification is very high

at the same time, do not think that even if there is a problem, the master will help to point it out. In fact, if this is the case, it is quite unreliable. Because not every master is so enthusiastic

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