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International synthetic paper technology and application

this year, the demand for synthetic paper in offset press market has increased significantly. The consumption of synthetic paper is growing at an annual rate of 10% or more, and this growth rate has been gradually revealed as early as the 1990s. Fortunately, overseas manufacturers continue to improve their production capacity and sales efforts, which can fully meet the current market demand for this new type of synthetic paper with large demand, such as packaging inserts, pressure-sensitive recording labels, shrink sleeves, etc

the consumption of synthetic paper in North America is about 80000 tons of man-made fiber, which does not include the consumption of housing decoration and construction industry. Almost all of this amount is used in offset printing. Commercial printing such as brochures, business cards, maps and other important areas that need water proofing still require a large amount of synthetic paper

yupo and arjobex (with small error, its product is called Polyart) are the most important manufacturers. They have strong production capacity, a large range of products, and rich experience in providing printing materials for sheet fed offset printing. DuPont's Tyvek paper), granwell's polysith, hop syn of hop industries, Teslin of PPG industry, transilwrap, trutech, Val é Ron and other synthetic paper manufacturers also aim at the development of commercial printing, securities and packaging markets

consumers like synthetic paper. They have introduced innovative new polymers and processing technologies. Zhang's hand feel and wear resistance are comparable or even better than most offset paper. Compared with the similar pulping and papermaking, synthetic materials are more uniform and dense in optical properties. Today, food packaging and poster printing are becoming more and more interested in man-made fibers. Of course, the cost of the same design and publishing is about twice that of ordinary offset paper

in the label market, synthetic paper also occupies a large share in decoration and pressure-sensitive recording. The decorative pictures exposed on clothes must be kept intact during cleaning. The trademark made of synthetic paper is more practical and wear-resistant than the nylon decoration which is popular and cheap but easy to wear off. Synthetic paper is also widely used in clothing decoration due to its high toughness, tensile strength, good ink adhesion and high adhesion

the application of these advantages in practice makes the synthetic paper more perfect. Injection mold and pressure-sensitive label shall have good tensile resistance, good toughness at high speed, high temperature exposure resistance and humidity resistance. The printed matter will be stretched, exposed to high temperature, adapted to the surrounding environment, worn and completely wetted. It is required that the printed surface and the unprinted surface have no damage. The coated paper can not meet the above requirements

at present, synthetic paper manufacturers are constantly developing new products driven by market services. Yupo's IML production line can meet the requirements of consumers for the minimum loss or maximum production of web and sheet fed paper. Yupo's IML has a thickness of 4.2mils, brightness of 97% and opacity of 95% (ISO). PPG's Teslin paper can compete with it and has the same characteristics

large format advertisement

the development of large format printing has led to the demand for a comprehensive solution: install an electronic universal experimental machine in the constant temperature laboratory as much as possible to form paper. This printing method can flexibly use new materials of various colors and thicknesses. Synthetic paper is not only suitable for the fast printing market, but also suitable for the office field with rapid change and small batch

some other applications of large format printing include storing goods, which is very popular in warehouse stores. Especially for those with an area of more than 60000 square feet. 1. Before the pressure testing machine is used, an inspection site must be conducted (some even exceed 100000 square feet), and customers must be attracted to speed up the inventory turnover, obtain high profits and attract new customers. Synthetic banners are much better than paper in hanging effect. Due to their good water resistance, they will not curl or crack even if they are hung for several weeks

packaging food and beverages

now you can buy dairy products packaged in bright, shiny plastic bottles. Here, the packaging is actually a bag for drinks in the form of a bottle

although most packaging uses paper or plastic, the application of synthetic paper is just beginning. In an afternoon picnic, when the cream in the paper ice cream box seeps out of the box, you will find the advantage of the waterproof of synthetic paper. The waterproof utensils made of synthetic materials have good tensile strength and can be easily re heated to form, making them successful in the field of food packaging

information source: Shandong printing

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