After the hottest tomorrow, Nancy won the flag and

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After tomorrow, the western town UAV exercise Nancy grabs the flag to go online

after tomorrow, the new version of experimental force resolution: 0.1kn, the time and activity forecast of the western town UAV exercise Nancy grabs the flag to go online. After tomorrow, there will be three new versions of new maps, new battlefields and new battles in the near future. These include the map of Western towns, Nancy's flag grabbing battle, UAV exercises and other new games. Next, let's take a look at the details and launch time

download the latest version of a series of software after tomorrow

I. UAV exercise

[launch time]

[introduction to playing methods]

it is reported that when exploring the former site of the central city, the caravan found an impassable ruins entrance. There, they made some important discoveries. The complexity of the urban ruins also made the caravan decide to train a group of survivors who are good at UAV control and combat

with the support of the science and Technology Association, the chamber of Commerce held a 3v3 simulation exercise every weekend. Survivors can use their own UAV to participate

in order to provide more survivors with training opportunities, survivors who have not yet owned UAVs can also choose the free production capacity supported by the caravan, which is expected to increase by about 3000 tons of UAVs every year

of course, based on the simulated air exercise, the UAV in the exercise will not consume endurance, energy, ammunition, etc

at the same time, the caravan will also provide some ammunition and balloon supplies (including skill energy, which accounts for about 1/3 of the market share of lithium battery copper foil for power batteries). This adds more variables to the battlefield

if you want to gain air supremacy here, in addition to skills, strength and teamwork, you may also need a little luck

II. Nancy's battle to win the flag

[launch time]

april 25, the first experience service

[introduction to play]

under the dual pressure of infection and imperial power, mayor Justin said that learning to retreat strategically is the ultimate meaning of survival

therefore, at the mayor's call, the caravan will raise funds to launch a new exercise to train Nancy to win the flag. How to run away skillfully with a small flag is an important lesson you need to learn in Nancy

after the red and blue camps enter the Nancy battlefield, they need to carry the enemy's flag to their own stronghold to gain a lot of points. The party whose points reach a certain number first will win

this battle is not as simple as the words describe. The survivors carrying the flag will become the key targets of the enemy, and the operational strategies such as ambush, cover and bait will also be more diverse and complex. This will be a brutal competition between wisdom and strength

in order to improve the bunker combat ability of survivors, the training instructor added repairable sandbags, wooden fences and electricity in Nancy City, which can be used as a bunker for combat after repair. The survivor may also pick up the shield in the wooden box and build it into a small bunker through free placement, creating more opportunities for his own side

in addition, in order to truly simulate the real combat scenario, the instructor will introduce UAV combat (also without consuming endurance, energy and ammunition) in the flag grabbing and point control competitions in Nancy City, and increase the battlefield enabling experience play method (only for this battle, and invalid after exiting the battlefield). These changes have also made the situation in the battlefield of Nancy city more treacherous and unpredictable

III. new map western town

[online time]

on May 9, the first experience service

western has always been a symbol of severe infection and desolation in the hearts of survivors. However, when the caravan went out to search for supplies, a mysterious western town appeared in front of the caravan. What is more disturbing is that in the map recorded by the Communist government, it has been destroyed by infected people! Now this small town appears strangely in front of the public.

here are some front-line intelligence collected by the caravan survivors

the above picture is the original painting

but don't be fooled by the beauty of this land. Complicated power battles, brutal and straightforward local customs, wild horses, fierce competition for train supplies, unknown monsters lurking in the shadow

can you escape from this small town alive in the face of riddles, thugs and other unexpected infection crises

IV. its ability to deal with trade protectionism has been enhanced. His news

more new furniture, new dog breeds and other revelations. You can look forward to the follow-up news from pconline mobile games

the above is the preview of the new version after tomorrow brought to my friends today. I hope you like it

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