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Solid wood furniture is constantly loved, so how many consumers like solid wood furniture and know it? Is it blindly following the trend or true knowledge

solid wood furniture is constantly loved, so how many consumers like solid wood furniture and know it? Is it blindly following the trend or true knowledge? Now the solid wood furniture normally sold in the market and recognized in the industry refers to the boards used by furniture: solid wood wide panel, solid wood integrated timber and solid wood panel

the characteristic specific force of the following kinds of solid wood plates is the qualified product of scale based processing technology. Those substandard products that fail to meet the requirements of equipment deployment, technology and materials are not included in the discussion

first of all, the characteristics of solid wood furniture: solid wood wide panel refers to the panel formed by processing hardwood into narrow strips (about 3-150px, a small amount of wider strips are accepted), then horizontal sizing and splicing, and then sanding the upper and lower sides; Solid wood Glulam refers to the plate made of narrow and short wood strips receiving adhesive for lengthening (the process of partial plate is tooth type connection), and then horizontally widened and sanded on the upper and lower sides; Solid wood veneer refers to the board made of narrow wooden strips with small wood properties, which are glued horizontally, and then sanded on the upper and lower surfaces, and then planked by hardwood with good wood properties, which suppresses stripes on the upper and lower surfaces; The process of solid wood wide panel is basically the same as that of solid wood integrated timber, but there are many length biased splices due to smaller material specifications; The disadvantages of solid wood Glulam are often more prominent, and its advantages are far from being possessed, and the amount of glue applied is far higher than that of solid wood wide panel


first, after painting, the appearance of solid wood panels has no rugged signs of glue joint and lath, and the physical properties are relatively stable in the long-term use process

second, the utilization rate of wood is high, which is in line with the principle of ecological utilization of raw materials. Therefore, in terms of utilization and texture luster, solid wood panel decorative board is more suitable for the utilization and decorative effect of furniture

III. although the glue application amount of solid wood panel is greater than that of solid wood wide panel, due to the cover of double faced thick veneer and the edge bonding of four sided thick veneer, there are only 8 glue seams on two sides and four sides in fact, so the chemical substances volatilized through the glue seams in solid wood panel are far lower than that of solid wood wide panel and solid wood integrated wood, which is more environmentally friendly and healthier

IV. because the core board is made of wood with small anisotropy, the appearance of the board is not mild, and the warpage level is small. The upper and lower sides are covered with two sliced thick veneers, which can better eliminate the signs of warpage, cracking and deformation of the board surface, and improve the physical strength of each deviation of the board

v. planing thick veneer is made of selected large-diameter first-class logs, which are strictly selected according to texture and color, and accept high-precision settings, equipment deployment and scientific planing essentials. Such processing technology treatment punishment, in terms of texture and luster, the sense of propriety is very good, and the texture is more prominent after painting. The produced furniture can create a harmonious, equal and high sense of cost


first, due to the different texture and hardness of each panel strip, even through the thickness sanding machine, it is impossible to make the thickness of each strip the same, resulting in the rugged appearance of each strip. After painting, the signs of ruggedness and unyielding of each lath become more and more obvious

second, if the horizontal stitching quality is poor, you can also spell out a significant horizontal glue seam. If the transverse strength is not enough, it is easy to crack at the glue joint. Therefore, as for the furniture usually produced by solid wood wide panel, if you look at the paint appearance of the furniture in the backlight, you can roughly see the rugged signs of the slats and the glue joints between the slats. If the materials are selected carefully and the technology is scientific, this sign will be smaller, but it cannot be fundamentally stopped

III. due to the large anisotropy of the wood, the wide panel is easy to deform. In addition, the exposed glue joints between the panels can visually see the numerous lines between the panels, and the firmness of the splicing has a great impact on whether the panel can crack. In addition, the spray painting process also has the influence of moisture in the paint on the wood. Even though the newly processed products are fair, the appearance of the solid wood wide panel is prone to be unyielding in the same common use Signs such as glue crack. As time goes by, these signs will become more and more obvious due to the humidity of the atmosphere. And the wider and thicker the width of the panel substrate, the more significant the above problem signs are

IV. this process requires high material selection for customized furniture panels, and the color, texture, growth years, etc. of the panels are fundamental requirements, resulting in low wood utilization, large waste, and much higher cost. In particular, the growth years determine the Ruan hardness level of the wood, which directly affects the size of the deformation probability in the utilization process. This feature is almost indistinguishable from the household products that have been painted well, but it has been invented in the utilization for a long time. Even though the material selection is very harsh, the large-scale furniture made, such as countertops and door panels, still lacks a sense of propriety, and the slightly dazzling wood grain cannot create a quiet and gentle atmosphere of propriety




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