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Marriage is a major event since ancient times “ Four happiness ” For one thing, many young people, out of their longing for a new life, always hope to live in their new house as soon as possible. On the one hand, they can make the tired body and mind after the wedding have a relaxed home. On the other hand, they can build a love nest and experience a world full of freshness. Here, we invite experts to make some suggestions for readers' reference

fine work makes fine work

the year of the pig is a hot year for marriage. Many couples have plans to have a pig baby. Recently, many orders received by decoration companies are wedding room decoration. Most couples have a requirement when decorating: how can we maximize the working period and catch up with entering the house before marriage? Decoration is a systematic project, with a huge workload and a long decoration consumption cycle. In order to ensure the quality of living in the future, we must work hard and carefully. Too much pursuit of rapid project progress will backfire. In addition, even if green materials are used, the decorated house must have a ventilation process, so that it will be comfortable and healthy after occupancy. Therefore, the wedding room decoration should be prepared for a rainy day

secret script of quick check-in

if you are limited by conditions, you must check-in quickly. Based on years of decoration experience, provide the following suggestions to new friends: Step 1: keep indoor ventilation, and paint, adhesive or coating will emit Benzene and other harmful gases; In addition, there are many reception activities in the new house, and the smell of tobacco and alcohol needs to be distributed in time. Step 2: do a test. If you use a lot of wood and paint in the decoration and buy a lot of furniture, you'd better ask a professional testing institution to conduct indoor air inspection after ventilation, and you can only move in after passing the inspection; Step 3: air treatment. The best way to completely remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene is comprehensive treatment. Step 4: plant filtration. Raise a few flowers and plants in the decorated room to improve the air environment

design focuses on function

one of the misunderstandings that many prospective newlyweds are most likely to enter when decorating is that they yearn for romance and ignore their future life needs

the decoration of the newly married room should be designed according to the space size, light and the surrounding environment; Have a sense of integrity, the style of decoration and furniture should be unified, and the color should be coordinated; In order to reflect the wedding atmosphere, some bright and bright colors can be used locally. In terms of furniture purchase, flexibility should also be highlighted to prepare for the changing life in the future





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