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In the bedroom, the bedside table is indispensable, but the materials used in the bedside table are not all solid wood, which may be artificial plywood, composite board, etc. However, these plates must have glue in the production process, and formaldehyde mainly comes from glue. Next, the editor will introduce the brand and types of solid wood for the bedside table

bedside table solid wood brand

1. Lin's wood industry

the bedside table produced by Lin's wood industry has a variety of styles, mainly Chinese, European, modern and other styles, and the price is relatively affordable, which can meet the consumption level of many consumers

2. Ximengbao

ximengbao mainly produces bedside tables. It pays more attention to environmental protection and health, provides consumers with a safe and reliable furniture supplies, and has a very professional team, both in research and development and design

3. Otinburg

otinburg is a high-end brand, which reflects the profound culture with home design, and the furniture produced is more humanized

bedside table solid wood type

1. Single and Double Drawer Bedside Table

single and Double Drawer Bedside Table has a very good storage capacity, which can be turned into a small TV cabinet according to the actual requirements

2. Movable drawer type bedside table

movable drawer type bedside table is very convenient to use, equipped with casters. If it is often used, it can be placed on it

3. Open type

open type bedside table is the first choice of many people. It is more practical and beautiful than the traditional square bedside table

4. Tea table bedside table

the tea table bedside table is very flexible and compact. The lower layer of the tea table can also push the bottom of the bed, and the upper layer is just parallel to the bed, which is very practical

5. Set meal

it belongs to a combined bedside table, which is very atmospheric and fashionable at the head of the bed, and is very suitable for placing in the classical style bedroom

editor's summary: that's all for the brand and type of bedside table solid wood. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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